Thailand ruined me…

… as a wedding guest.

Mr Moi and I received an invitation over a year ago to attend the wedding of an old school friend (of Mr Moi’s) in Thailand.

We felt very honoured to be invited to what sounded like a family orientated and special event. Wedding invitations never fail to humble me, so of course we accepted and then promptly forgot to make any plans until two months before departure.

We decided to take both the Sprog and my mother (to look after the Sprog), so we made a rag tag bunch of silly adults as we chased the runaway terrible two toddler, as we departed sunny monsoonal Darwin for Singapore, and then onward to Phuket.

(Just an aside here – Phuket wouldn’t be my destination of choice in Thailand and I probably won’t ever go back there. There are far more beautiful and relaxing places in that lovely country. The busy-ness of Phuket, the number of tourists and overcrowded beaches just meant there was no ‘essence’ to the destination – we almost could have been just about anywhere).

The wedding week turned out to be great fun, an in between festivities, we simply chillaxed by the beach at Kata Noi (which was absolutely lovely, despite my aside above).

The wedding itself, however, will ruin me as a guest forever more. Without wanting to splash the details of someone else’s special day all over the interwebs without their knowledge or permission, I will leave you with a photo of the very special guest…

This wedding officially rates up there with Mind the Gap’s wedding in France.

When it comes to taking a hike for someone’s big day, what’s your highlight?


4 thoughts on “Thailand ruined me…

  1. Hi, I found your blog through Girl Gone Child and since I am always looking for Australian bloggers to read thought I’d stop by.

    I went to a destination wedding in Turkey once that was pretty fabulous. I plan on having a (half destination) wedding myself someday (in that I want to get married at home in the US so my partner’s Australian family will have to come to that!).

  2. My hubby and I, and most of his immediate family went to Atlanta, Georgia (USA) for his sisters wedding to an American guy – in true, beautiful, southern style. We were both students at the time on a very humble budget and really didn’t think we could realistically afford it. At the last minute Josh told me he felt it was worth a little debt to show his love and support for his sister. And it absolutely was! Seeing as tickets are the biggest expense when you’re staying with family we decided to make the most of our time and travelled down through Mexico while we were there. Such an amazing time for us as a newly married couple ourselves and being in a new place with his family was wonderful for helping me feel like one of them.

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