preserved lemon chicken with parsley, chicken and honey

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Once again, I’m delving into the past for some cook-spiration and tatstebud titillation.

I first made this recipe when my sister was in hospital, having just birthed her first baby. The reputation of RPA as a culinary void had preceeded itself, and as a result she’d armed herself with a wad of takeaway menus in her labour bag. Sure enough, as soon as my neice was born, my sister was on the phone to the local Turkish place ordering gozleme, pide and salad (hey, labour makes you hungry! I can say that now!)

However, she knew it wasn’t practical to continue ordering takeaways to the hospital, so I offered to cook her a few faves. She gave me specific directions to ensure I dug the right recipes from her stash, and this is one of them.

I believe it came from the Sun-Herald Weekend Magazine’s ‘Three ways with…’ section. The topic of that week being…? Parsley? Preserved lemon? I don’t know…

This is a real guesstimation recipe – dial down the flavours you don’t like, and dial up the ones you do.



2 chicken breasts

2 small red chillies

1 clove garlic

1 tablespoon honey

2 wedges of preserved lemon rind, rinsed

2 tablespoons parsley

Cut two chicken breasts in half. Heat a slosh of olive oil in a fry pan, and put the chicken in to brown. While the chicken is browning, chop the chillies, garlic, lemon and parsley, so they’re ready to chuck in the pan.

Once the chicken is browned, throw the garlic, chillies and honey into the pan. The honey will add a bit of moisture but soon become sticky, so I often add some more oil or water, depending on whether I’m watching my weight or not.

Mix the flavours around the chicken, and after a few minutes add the preserved lemon. Let that really infuse, and when the bits in the pan are getting all caramelly, add in the parsley, turn off the heat.

Serve with cous cous and a salad (a nice, spicy, rocketty one). Serves 2.

Nom nom.


3 thoughts on “preserved lemon chicken with parsley, chicken and honey

  1. I came across your blog through Always leaving things unfinished…

    Gosh, this sounds yummy and something I think even I could make! Where did you get the preserved lemon from?

    Loved your comments about raising bilingual kids by the way.

    1. hi there

      thanks for visiting me! Oh dear re: my comments, I fear I can be a bit pushy at times!.. but I had friends who were bringing up kids in a coutry where the spoken language was not the native language of either parents, so they were a little more over-zealous about getting the languages straight…

      Preserved lemons can be made quite easily – just need lots of salt and lemons. (or do what i did when I lived in Ukraine – brought some back from the UK). If you go to you can find some recipes. They are quite tasty and you don’t need to use a lot to get some flavour. I put them in salads all the time….

      But you can also make this dish with regular lemons – just use the juice and zest. Still yummy. Can also serve with rice if cous cous is not available.

      OK enought from me! I’ll pop over to your blog and have a look – love reading about life in Japan.

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