what to do after a crappy day at work in the tropics…

Today wasn’t a great day for many reasons that are now irrelevant. I’m sure my level of tolerance was lower than usual for reasons such as:

  • The bottle of wine I drank last night. Well, not a whole bottle, but half. It went straight to my head(ache)
  • The alarm I set for 5.20am. The plan was to get up and go to the gym. Not a good idea in the first place (see point above). By the time 6.30am rolled around, I was still utlising the snooze button… sooo…. No gym!
  • Previous nights of sleep deprivation. Weird Sproggy sleeping patterns and all. No wonder I have no second child
  • A general feeling of crap is totally compounded by the fact that today is only THURSDAY, and thus still one day of the working week left to endure.

Luckily, a tired and disgruntled worker bee such as me has apres-work options on a Thursday afternoon in Darwin, Northern Territory – lazing under the palm trees watching two Amazing Drumming Monkeys perform as the sun goes down at the Mindil Beach Markets.

Amazing Drumming Monkeys stage

I’m slowly settling into life in the Northern Territory; I’m starting to appreciate the peace and quiet, and the relative ease with which I can travel about town. And I love the abundance of daylight hours that I can share with my daughter after work, while the population down south has been in the dark since 5.00pm.

The Sproglette, on the other hand, remembers nothing of life outside the Territory. So, picked up from daycare and brought directly to the Markets, she was covered head-to-toe in sand with sweaty hair and no shoes. And the first thing she demanded noodles. The second thing she demaded was juice – the ubiquitous beverage du jour at the Markets in Darwin.

Perfect fuel for some Drumming Monkey spotting.

Noodles washed down with watermelon, pineapple and lime juice

3 thoughts on “what to do after a crappy day at work in the tropics…

  1. Yes. Fridays are good 😉 And I am very pleased to see you blogging again!! Makes me happy. Sticky friggin build up makes me sad, but you, happy 🙂

    And is that a pig tail I see?? xox

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