Cleaning shmeaning

I hate cleaning. I’m terrible at it. Even when I wasn’t working, I demanded that Mr Moi allocate a few extra Grivs (Ukrainian hryvnia) to my budget to afford me a cleaner. And a few extra was all I needed – my lovely Lena the Cleaner charged only $25 for five hours of work, including ironing.

For some reason the Northern Territory is a law unto itself when it comes to rental houses. We have inspections every four months. FOUR MONTHS! I find that rather invasive, not to mention plain overkill.

But what I hate most about it is that I have to ‘spring clean’ every four months. Whenever the agent comes into my place, it can’t be any less than Spot. Less.

(when we were in Ukraine, my landlords visited to collect rent monthly on a Wednesday evening. Lena the Cleaner came on a Wednesday morning 😉

Being a home owner and landlord myself; i’ve come to realise that I am a minority when it comes to cleaning for an inspection. All the tenants that have vacates my place have left it looking like a dump. In fact, the day before I gave birth to the Sprog, I was sugar soaping three years’ worth of grime from our recently vacated house. And even now, we only inspect twice a year.

So I guess this return to the blogosphere wasn’t terribly thrilling. But at least I’ve demonstrated to the world just how lazy I am.

Someone lend me a cleaner?!

This is the first of a series of cross bloggings! Read Ms Kahlee Rose’s take on cleaning over at her place!


5 thoughts on “Cleaning shmeaning

  1. I like things to be clean but cleaning is low on my list of favourite things to do! I guess the condition of a fridge is a good indicator of the state of the rest of the house since, when we were leaving Belgium, our landlady came to inspect. She looked in the fridge first, and finding it scrubbed and spotless she waived the usual cleaning fee!
    Good to see you back! Thought you’d tossed in the towel on blogging!

  2. I don’t blame you one bit. I hate cleaning as well. Ugh. Can’t stand it. As for the landlords checking up on you while you’re still renting? I haven’t heard of that happening here in the US. Seems very odd to me.

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