The ancient-ness at my back door

Reflecting on life on the Yellow Water

So I bitch a lot about living in Darwin. At any one time, I’m complaining because it’s

  1. a backwater with no Myer or David Jones
  2. tooooooo far from the ‘rest’ of Australia
  3. far too hot and humid, or just plain hot
  4. devoid of winter*

You get the picture.

When we found out our option post-Kyiv was Darwin or bust, I was surprised at the number of people who expressed interest in visiting the Territory. Surprise because, it was one place that I was never really fussed on visiting. Oh sure, everyone wants to ‘do’ Kakadu. Go to Litchfield National Park. Visit Nitmiluk National Park (Katherine Gorge). For me, it was something I’d do… one day.

When I got here, I wasn’t interested in leaving town. When I finally settled in a little,  I was too afraid to go anywhere for fear of getting bitten my mozzies bearing Ross River Fever or some such nasty, or getting eaten by a Saltwater Crocodile.

(Maybe the short version of this story is that I was suffering reverse culture shock combined with a severe case of extended-settling-in-itis).

Reflecting on calm

However, March rolled around and my mother and aunt visited Darwin. And in four days I packed more Territorian action into my life than I had since I moved here.

And that inspired us, two weeks later, to visit the ancient and beautiful Kakadu National Park. A whirlwind trip that saw us take in about 700 kms in two days, visiting flooded wetlands and watching ancient beasts traverse the ancient ecosystem.

When I looked at my beautiful photographs (1 per cent perspiration, 99 per cent perfection of subject), I really appreciated my big ‘back yard’.

Reflecting on my big back yard
*People really don’t believe that there is no winter in the Top End. There isn’t. July is the coldest month and the lowest the thermometer ever dipped in 2009 was 18 degrees. Overnight. Once. Beyond that, the mercury barely goes below 20 overnight, and in daytime, hits the 30s about 364.5 days of the year.

12 thoughts on “The ancient-ness at my back door

  1. You could be describing our part of Florida, ‘cept the mosquitoes aren’t that numerous! Looks like a beautiful place……Would you rather be back in frozen Kiev?

  2. Great photos. Have you swum at Buley Rockhole at Litchfield? That was my favourite part from my first visit. Oh, except when I fell down the small waterfall there. But don’t worry, that was in the wet season, and it was raging! 🙂

  3. Wow. Beautiful photographs. And don’t worry about the lack of Myer or DJ’s – you can still shop online! (It’s more fun that way because it doesn’t feel like you’re really spending, and it’s soooo good when a package arrived at the door!)

    I also love the photo in the below post. I think I’m going to be sad when I stop breastfeeding too. Tonight BB fell asleep in the bed without having to be on my shoulder. This is good because my arms were exhausted from carrying her but I have to say my throat chocked up a little! x

  4. Such breathtakingly beautiful pictures – in particular the top one…
    I spent a bit of time in Darwin a couple of years ago and the thing I loved the most is that it IS a backwater!!!

  5. Beautiful photos, I like the cruved corners – they really add a sort of 70’s feel.

    As for Darwin, I can’t imagine it to be honest. I’m very much suited to our miserable UK climate.

  6. I lived in Darwin for around 2 years and never did any touristy things either! I’ll be back up there next month for holidays 😀 and probably still won’t lol

    I did go camping at Gunn Point once though.

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