The most amazing of sunsets

One bonus of the Wet in the Top End is the jaw dropping cloud formations over town at the end of the day. On a serendipitous occasion, the sunset will set these clouds off in the most amazing colours you’ve ever seen. More amazing than the colours you could conjure on Photoshop – I do not kid.

The other night I was minding my own business, when I looked out the window and realised the world had turned orange. Here are the photos I took (edited only to add rounded corners). The colours were breathtaking.

Good-bye Sun. Mwah. See you tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “The most amazing of sunsets

  1. V nice. Love the intense blue skies. The clouds look like they’re from those kids bible versions that show god coming out of heaven – dramatic hey.

  2. Gorgeous. I remember a sunset with colours exactly like that in Brisbane back in 1995. The memory of it still stays with me. I have not seen a sunset like it ever since.

  3. First of all, what a pleasant surprise to see you had been at my place ! Thanks for the visit…
    Those are incredible colors. Looks like someone took a bottle of Orange Crush, shook it up, and just started spewing it all of the sky. Was there a fire in the are to cause such intense colors?
    I saw Mickey Mouse in a few of them.
    Our sunrises aren’t as spectacular lately and I’m sure there is some “scientific” reason why, but I don’t have a clue.

  4. Wow. Those clouds are amazing! Great photos. One of the things I missed most about Oz when I lived in London was our light. Our beautiful golden light. But that sky is somethin’ else! x

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