Weekend Wrap: The triumphant edition

Well, I have a confession to make my peeps: I have joined Weight Watchers.

This is the third time I have joined Weight Watchers.

The first time was when I was 15 years old and weighed 85.5kgs. Even if you don’t understand kilograms, you must surely realise that’s a lot of weight for a 15 year old. That time, I got down to 72kgs, and when I started uni when I was 17, I got down to 65kgs, where I lived comfortably for ever after.

Well, not quite.

When I was 22 I moved to Sydney and started working at Arnott’s Biscuits. Oh, the joy of eating a Tim Tam still sticky and hot, practically straight from the oven. There is nothing like it. So, goodbye 65kg me, hello 73 kgs. Strangely, when I was working at Arnott’s, I was probably the fittest I’ve ever been – I cycled the 10kms to work and back again every day, I went swimming in my lunch breaks, and I went walking at least three or four times per week. However, my weight never really shifted.

So, the second time I joined Weight Watchers was when I was 25 years old, tipping the scales at a horrific (!) 73kgs, and gearing up to get married. I felt so uncomfortable in my body, and was so constantly aware of it. (This is part of the living-in-Sydney territory – it’s a very ‘beautiful’ city in all aspects of the word, and one easily feels second rate as a result).

By the time I got married at the age of 25 and a half, I was down to 66kgs. And over the following year, the comfortability of married life saw me get up to 75kgs.

Then we moved to Ukraine. But before we got there, we spent a month driving around France, mostly camping. And I packed on a glorious, wine-and-cheese fuelled 5kgs (hardly any pastries in there – seriously!) So by the time we landed in Kyiv, I was 80kgs, and that’s where I stayed til pretty much now.

Except for when I was pregnant – I put on 9kgs in the pregnancy, and within 3 weeks of the Sproglette being born, I was back down around the 80kg mark. (In fact, I put on no weight in the first four months of the pregnancy – I was growing a baby at the same time I was losing all my alcohol fat).

I’ve become too comfortable at this weight. I feel uncomfortable, but constant sleep deprivation and a bit of the not-caring-ness that comes from living in a place where I’m not terribly keen on, means that I have totally tricked myself into believing that I look fine. For the most part.

But I don’t.

And so. Since starting work full time I am pretty much a fixture in an office, doing little to no exercise every day. I started to feel really awful, and decided to turn things around. The two things I’m doing to achieve this are:

  1. Attending a weekly Weight Watchers meeting
  2. Joining and subsequently attending a gym.

And thus we come back to the topic of this post: The Triumph.

In the two weeks I’ve been going to Weight Watchers, I have lost 3.7kgs. Hurrah! I really believe that my success so far is largely because of my going to the gym, which motivates me to keep it up.

But I have a confession: after weighing in yesterday, I got a little out of control. Not a habit I want to get into.

Weekend wrap: Saturday

Breakfast: Sausage and egg McMuffin and a skinny flat white from the Macca’s drive-thru on the way home from the Weight Watchers meeting

Lunch: Pasta with tomato and anchovy sauce, whipped up by Mr Moi. The Sproglette, despite having not stopped eating ALL morning, pulled a chair over to our feet and perched there with her mouth open. She loved it.

Dinner: Chicken rice paper rolls. Crammed full of crunchy vege loveliness. One of my favourite ways to eat veges, actually.

SprogFood: What didn’t she eat? Weetbix, pasta, baked beans, muffins, party pies, corn, yoghurt. Not a lot of fruit.

Notable moments: Losing .9kgs this week at Weight Watchers. The more success up front, the more I’ll be motivated to stick with it in the long term.

UnNotable moments: Losing all my Weight Watchers books. Hopefully I left them at the meeting and will get them back next week.

Most brainbusting moment: Saturdays are not for using one’s brain. I was tired and frustrated at one point so had a dessert bar, a Caramello Koala (jumbo) and some bikkies.

WeatherWatch: Hot and humid, but with a nice easterly breeze in the morning. There was a barney of a storm overnight, so I had to drag myself out of bed at about 5am (on Sunday morning) to shut everything up.

Sunday: back on track!

Breakfast: Three pieces of Weight Watchers bacon, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, an egg on toast with rocket (arugula/rucola). Washed down with coffee

Lunch: Two vita-weat sandwiches with vegemite and cheese

Dinner: Thai-style salad with Kangaroo. (I haven’t had it yet, but am about to start making it)

SprogFood: Weetbix, pancake with maple syrup, a few bikkies, baked  beans and corn.

Notable moments: Folding the clean washing for the first time in three weeks.

UnNotable moments: Finally getting organised to go to the park, when the rain hit.

Most brainbusting moment: Writing this blog post.

WeatherWatch: Afore-mentioned storm at 5am, and a shower in the early afternoon. Not too hot and humid – only about 31 degrees today.

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10 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap: The triumphant edition

  1. So, another WWer. It is the only way I ever lose weight. I’m sitting at 90kgs at the moment and am absolutely miserable about it. I know exactly what I have to do – choose the foods I eat. Eat less. Move more. HOW SIMPLE DOES IT HAVE TO BE.

    And yet here I sit, fat as a fool.

    So good.on.you.


  2. Good luck with it. If you want a serious read, I heartily recommend “Good calories, bad calories” by Gary Taubes. Set me off on losing nearly 20kg post Ukraine.

  3. Dear pamela. It’s not a diet – it’s a new way of eating! I’m giving up giving up.

    Dear everyone, thanks for your comments.

    The good thing about WW is that there is no taboo foods. You have your points allowance and you can spend it how you see fit.

    Today, I saw fit to dedicate quite a large portion of it to chocolate. Unfortunately.

    (Seriously, I used to shudder when I looked at french fries and ice cream, but somewhere that talent was lost in the past five years. I’m going to find it and rescue it!)

  4. Congrats on the loss! Remember the rule for the skinny ho’s in Kiev was NEVER to eat after 7pm, preferably 6pm. And in France it’s no fromage after 6pm for the same skinnies. Meh.

  5. Good luck with the WW.
    I remember years ago working at an electricity company right next door to the Arnotts factory (this was out at Huntingwood, not sure if that’s the same site you worked at). They used to bring stuff in all the time to do taste trials of new products. It was fab – tasting new tim tam flavours before anyone else, and seeing which ones got through to production. (The really fattening part was when Krispy Kreme opened a factory down the street, because they did some of their marketing at the start by bringing free doughnuts to all the nearby workplaces all the time, and so we all piled on the kgs!)

    1. I worked at the head office at homebush but I was out at huntingwood fairly often. Biscuits are toooooooo tempting and delicious. Yum yum. I still love Arnotts.

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