Wild and wooly weekend (weather-wise)

Saturday: The Rise

Breakfast: Fruit and yoghurt, blah blah blah.

Lunch: Leftover chicken, snow pea and broccoli stir fry, sans noodles – the noodles went to the Sprog. She’s a noodle lover.

Dinner: Chicken curry, made from a recipe that exists inside Mr Moi’s head. It was very nice chicken curry!

SprogFood: Weetbix for brekky, stir-fry noodles for lunch and spaghetti for dinner. Told you she’s a noodle lover.

Notable moments: The rain, OH the glorious RAIN! And going to the gym for an assessment. The manager there will write me a program, and that program is the key to me becoming fit, fab, and funny. HA! I’m sure I’ll use it about eight times, find it too challenging and stop going to the gym altogether.

UnNotable moments: Vegetating on the couch and reading yet another stupid and mindlessly entertaining chick-lit novel. They really do lower one’s IQ.

Most brainbusting moment: Trying to keep up with the pace of said chick-lit novel!

WeatherWatch: The rain poured down in Darwin, it was so cool and wet that we didn’t have to use the airconditioner once. Hurrah!

Sunday: The Fall

Breakfast: Two pieces of toast with vegemite – no butter

Lunch: A bowel of museli with *gasp* full cream milk!

Dinner: Lamb chops, with fat cut off, marinated in Moroccan flavours and BBQed. Enjoyed with lots of steamed vegetables.

SprogFood: Weetbix, home made muffins, pumpkin spaghetti and baked beans for dinner. Need to up the fruit and the beef intake, me thinks.

Notable moments: When the Sproglette sat on Mr Moi’s (still packed from his last trip o/s last week) suitcase and did a poo! Thankfully she had a nappy on, but I think we need to start introducing the idea of potty to her… I know it won’t stick for at least another six months, but she always knows when she’s doing a poo and finds a quiet corner to do it. Or suitcase top, in this case.

UnNotable moments: Sunday afternoon shopping in the rain with a very whingey child. Oh, and realising the Sproglette’s mouth was covered in blood in the morning, and having to figure out where it came from (from the gum, and not sure why – walking is perilous, I have learned).

Most brainbusting moment: Trying to figure out what to plant next in FarmVille. This game is a time suck. I am removing the application from my Facebook!

WeatherWatch: The Monsoonal rain continued and was so squally and bad, in fact, that I decided to stay in (except for the obligatory shopping). Driving when the rain is mashing the windscreen is scary, man.


3 thoughts on “Wild and wooly weekend (weather-wise)

  1. I hear you on the mindless chick lit novels. They have become a great weakness for me. They’re not all bad though–have you read any Marion Keyes? They don’t lower your IQ, but don’t try to raise it either. Just good fun.

  2. Hahaha that poo story has some mileage, but what did you expect feeding the sproglette weetabix and baked beans?

  3. Oh Brooke, don’t have a “bowel” of museli (mind you, I am sure that it might help you “use” your bowel)!!!

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