Regular programming will resume shortly

Ugh. That’s all I can say.

Last week I was solo parenting, and I don’t know if it was the exhaustion factor or just some weird alignment of the stars, but I felt like crap. Very very anxious. In fact, I think I was having a series of panic attacks, if the filmy sweat that covered my skin when my heart stopped racing was any indication.

I’m not sure what brought it on, but I know it all stems back to the (un)health(y) episode I had when the Sproglette was a few weeks old, and I ended me back up in hospital. I’m now a total hypochondriac and it both drives me nuts because I know it’s irrational, and drives me nuts because I stress about what ailment it is that I have, that will definitely do me in this time.

Yep, I’ve been a bit screwed in the head.

The past couple of days have been much better. I joined a gym and have been doing exercise for the first time since I was about 5 months pregnant. I am thinking of joining Weight Watchers so I can lose this awful excess 10 – 15 kgs I have that I know just don’t belong there… But I just don’t have the motivation at the moment (probably a good reason to join then, I’ll leech my motivation from others).

So, after my declaration of new ‘structure’ to my blog, I’ve totally bailed out. Oh well, it’s my blog and I’ll run dry if I want to.

Perhaps it is a weird alignment of the stars thing, as my favourite ‘mom’ blogger is also feeling a bit ugh it seems.

Til next time – hopefully I’ll see youse on Friday.

And in other news – my favourite Ukrainian guy bloggers are BACK! Yay for Zhenya and Dima!


9 thoughts on “Regular programming will resume shortly

  1. Aww, feel better! I know that working out always makes me feel better. I am solo parenting this week, and it is good to know that I am not the only one that it is hard on.

    She is one of my faves too! *LOVE* her writing!

  2. I think a nasty case of the “Ugh” is going around. I know I caught it. But we’ll feel better soon. The gym will help (as much as, if you’re like me, you hate it). Feel better!

  3. Ha, it is not just those bastids, it is me, Sveta to who make posts! You not mention that becuas you are in Australa and you lie about being pretty lady with husband, I think maybe you and Zhenya making love all day, yes?

    And what is Sprogelette? Australan animal like Kangaroo or Cola for pet?

  4. I don’t know how single parents cope. I really don’t. I’m a mess by the end of a week when my husband travels. (plus, all the thinking of the absolutely worst horrible things that could happen while he is away). Hang in there – days get better.

  5. Ca va tres mal? Hay Girl doth dictacte it shall be all better.

    *que colonial British accent

    “I do pescribe a Bombay Sapphire. Better than that quinine stuff and by jove much tastier.”

    Because that will be my drink of choice for tomorrows sundowner.


  6. I don’t know how single parents cope either. I don’t even know how two parents cope with more than one child. I wrote on my blog about it one day (well, i was kinda writing about how I co-parent and between me and my partner there is no “primary” carer) but all the same, I got a vert distinctive stony silence. I dont know if it was the confronting topic of shared parenting, or the fact that no one reads my blog….hmmmm
    I havent seen your blog before by the way, but I am happy to find it – my boy was born in Oct 08. Cosmic, or the mere coincidence of a rapidly growing population, who can say…?!

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