The wide empty road

Darwin, rush hour

I walk to work. I start work at 8am, which in Darwin-town, is peak hour. It’s peak hour then because Darwin is a public service town. The official working hours for Northern Territory public servants is 8am to 4.21pm. Yes. 4.21pm. That is not a typo. That 1 belongs in there.

(Funnily enough, when my parents lived in Darwin 40 years ago, my mother worked for the Housing Department and her work hours were 8am to 4.21pm. Nothing’s changed!)

So, I walk to work. And today, at 8.10am (I was running late), I crossed Smith Street, one of Darwin’s two main city streets.

And there was not a car on the road from one straight long end to the other.

I was overwhelmed by the lack of rush in this morning hour.

The air is clean here and it’s quiet and tranquil in the morning. But Darwin really is a big country town.

Daily wrap

Breakfast: I had a meeting for breakfast. I was late to work because I lost my keys (they were in the Sproglette’s daycare bag). I arrived to work to find out I was, at that minute, expected at an alternative location for a meeting. So I didn’t get to eat breakfast until 10am. It was, surprisingly, fruit, yoghurt and nuts. I’m loving the macadamias. They are a very nice native Australian nut.  And I had a SkFW coffee too.

I chased breakfast with another of those delicious gluten free Melting Moments, which a colleague purchased from Parap Fine Foods for God knows how much. I’m so down with the gluten free peeps. Biscuit was required to counteract elevated stress levels from morning meeting.

Lunch: Once again, couldn’t face the quinoa I have in the fridge. Instead I phone-stalked my husband in order to procure a hot lunch date while the Sproglette was at daycare. We met at the Thai joint in town where I had a beef noodle soup. It was nice but rather rich towards the end, so when I got back to work, I had to settle my stomach with three pieces of the Lindt Intense Orange choccy STAT! And another Melting Moment.

Dinner: Lamb forequarter chops (oh my god the FAT! Tastes so good) with oven wedges and lots of veges. Washed down with a lemon lime and bitters (with non -alcoholic bitters).

Mr Moi went to play touch footy tonight so I had an hour and a half solo. I ate two mini hot-cross buns with butter while waitting for dinner. Luckily (?) the Sproglette was uncharacteristically hysterical about going to bed, so I was quite preoccupied the whole time he was out. Otherwise I may have had time to reflect on the fact that I really wanted a drink.

SprogFood: Weeties for brekky. Pumpkin and sweet potato pasta for dinner. With yoghurt as an entrée while I was waiting for the over-nuked pasta to cool.

Notable moments: Finding my keys. Unless I wanted to scale the fence to leave my apartment complex, the uncovering of the keys was a required event in my day.

UnNotable moments: Rocking the Sproglette to sleep for an hour. While I loved the cuddle time, rocking for an hour was not the way I wanted to finish my day.

Most brainbusting moment: Some joke involving boobs and buttons and the word fascinate being made to sound like fasten eight.

Overall, a rather indulget day food-wise. Two thumbs down for me.


11 thoughts on “The wide empty road

  1. Teehee! Yes, did you??
    Pretty awesome site I bet. Perhaps you can sneak a picture of that in next week?
    And no my aircon isn’t fixed but working…sorta! Too fucking hot still!!! xox

  2. Very funny you two cheeky people. I actually stayed until 5pm, when I had to tear out the door for the childcare pickup fun fun.

  3. I know you can relate. Your post on going back to work, and the liberation you felt because of it, is one of the reasons I came to your blog. I honestly don’t know what women did before the Internet, when they were home with their babies and feeling this way, and worst of all feeling like they were the only ones feeling this way. Meeting people like you, who have been through it before, is my saving grace through the tougher times.

  4. Okay friends, I should have learned previously that sarcasm doesn’t not translate well into the written word. This isn’t, in fact a photo of Darwin at peak hour. That was a little white lie. It’s a photo of the Stuart Highway about 80kms from Katherine. However, Darwin’s roads can be that empty at peak hour, but the foliage of trees is replaced by buildings.

    And Claudia – my mum took this photo when we went on a road trip, and then I did a cross process through the website I’ll tell her you like it!

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