Crazy critter tales # 1

A little freshie. Harmless little pup.

NB A journo never reveals a source… but a blogger does! Read about the croc trade for handbags here and here.

There are lots of critters in Australia. I grew up here, so I’m fairly nonplussed when it comes to such things as poisonous spiders (nothing a shoe won’t kill) and huge lizards that bask in the sun and like to bite fingers (lucky they don’t have teeth!), not ot mention something like 9 of the 10 most poisonous snakes in the world are Aussie (OK that stat scares the shit out of me).

On top of the usual critters that are the norm ‘down south’, the Northern Territory comes with an impresive array of critters in its own right. The most famous of these is, of course, the crocodile. Of which there  are two types: the very big and deadly saltie, and the smaller and slightly less harmless freshie (pictured above at Katherine Gorge Nitmiluk National Park).

Before I moved to  Darwin, I actually thought I would be happily tripping down the street and come nose to nose with a friendly croc (never smile at a crocodile!)

When I moved here, I realised how ludicrous my daydreaming had been. Crocs are only in rivers and oceans! Rangers keep our local waterways croc free! I’ll never come across a croc! Crocs are our friends!

That was during the Dry. During the Wet is a different story.

The sheer amount of rain that’s dumped on this relatively flat land in the Top End during the Wet season means that it’s very easy for crocs to move. And move they have. So far the government has removed a number of 4 metre-plus salties from drains in Darwin suburbs and apparently the traps in all the waterways – of which there are many – are often filled during the Wet.

So what do they do with the crocs when they catch them?

Well, let me answer your question with a question.

Where do you think your snazzy Hermes crocodile skin accessories come from?

That’s right, the Darwin Crocodile Farm!

Every year a contingent of Grand Fromages from Hermes Paree comes a-visiting to this humble little backwater that I now call home. While here, they visit the Darwin Crocodile Farm and their eyes glaze over as they imagine all the lovely pumps and handbags those silly trapped crocs will make.

And that’s the end of the story!

Which I may have taken a little creative licence with, but apparently it’s more or less true.

And I really don’t mind too much because the saltie numbers are exploding at the moment, so a few extra pairs of shoes in the world doesn’t bother me…

Oh I’m not a humanitarian when it comes to crocs.


Daily wrap

Breakfast: Coffee at home, fruit and yoghurt with nuts at work. Today with added flavour of macadamia nuts! Yumbo.

Lunch: My vege sticks and more dip. However, had a very shit day at work today so indulged in a few cookies (a gluten free Monte Carlo and a Gluten Free Melting Moment), chocolate (Lindt Orange Intense) (Mini Mars Bar) and chips (Twisties fun pack)  in order to line my stomach in preparation for waging an assault on our poor graphic designer.

Dinner: Chicken, bacon and soy sauce omelette, concocted by Mr Moi. Was very yummy!

SprogFood: Weeties for breakfast. They didn’t go down too well today. More leftover stir fry for dinner, which didn’t go down well either. I have a feeling we have some teeth rearing their ugly heads. Resorted to number one comfort food of cheese – a few sticks went down. Lots and lots of water.

Noteable moments: Almost getting my eyes gouged out by our graphic designer. I flouted his usual (and reasonable) lead times and  required a job to be created and finished today. So I was actually prepared to be maimed.

UnNoteable moments: Getting tagged as a duck in someone’s Facebook FarmVille page. I mean, what the fuck? Couldn’t I have at least been a horse or something remotely big and strong and far less likely to become a meal? I think the tagging was payback for me jeering at her for spending real money on FarmVille.

Most brainbusing moments: Trying to think of something to write here. Seriously, everyday I think about this question and I’m overwhelmed at my daily lack of cerebral activity.


4 thoughts on “Crazy critter tales # 1

  1. When I was a Nitmiluk, the guide we had told us a funny story about how the town of Katherine flooded very badly years ago, some locals grabbed a tinny and went in to rob the liquor store, since all was abandoned due to the water. They got cornered by a saltie at the door and couldn’t escape, in the end having to call the cops to come and rescue them (and, of course, arrested them on the spot).

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