Daily wrap – 8 February 2010

If you didn’t catch my rant last night, you won’t catch it now because I deleted it.

Here’s the daily wrap from yesterday.

Breakfast: Fruit with nuts and yoghurt. Added some extra spice (actually, it was fibre) in the form of mixed crushed seeds. Not sure of the name, but it’s designed to clean out one’s insides.

Lunch: Vege sticks with dips – hommous, salsa, and tzatziki. Celery was a bit rotten on the inside – yuk. No carrots to be had in the house. I have noted, however, that my increase in carrot consumption is doing wonders for my eyesight. I didn’t feel the need to wear my glasses yesterday when driving, despite rather torrential rain.

Also partook of yet more quinoa. I think the weightloss properties of this grain are starting to become evident, because after choking down a meal of quinoa, my tummy feels so yuk that I can’t eat for the rest of the day.

Dinner: Pork and vege stir-fry with sweet chilli and soy sauce. Also with hokkein noodles. The approaching use-by date of the noodles was the motivation for cooking this meal. Nothing special, really. As mentioned above, I wasn’t really physically ready to stomach dinner.

SprogFood: Weeties for brekky, ham and mayo twirl from Baker’s Delight for afternoon tea while we shopped, and pumpkin and sweet potato spaghetti for dinner. I am attempting to teach her to feed herself. The results are hilariously messy, and I just hope that pumpkin and sweet potato come out of clothes because it goes everywhere. She bloody loves sucking noodles in though. Noted that child can throw food with scary precision. I am main target.

Notable moments: Turning onto a road about 1 minute after a huge tree blew over in a storm, blocking two lanes of traffic. The tree fell on two cars, but as I was waiting to get through the bottleneck, all the inhabitants of the car emerged from the tree/car safe and sound.

Oh! And I got @ messaged by Girls Gone Child on Twitter. Yay!

UnNoteable moments: Timing my speedy departure from work with the heavy monsoonal downpour. I got drenched in about 2 minutes and it took me the rest of the night to dry. Note to future self: when it happens again, get changed when you get home. It was quite a storm.

Most brainbusting moment: Reading something with lots of numbers in it. I really don’t do well with numbers.


3 thoughts on “Daily wrap – 8 February 2010

  1. Your baby (in the ranting post) is completely adorable! My husband complains about my blogging (heh, lack of these days!) as well. They seem to not really “get” it. I’m glad you are back!

  2. Oh ! I started following your blog with vigour a long time ago, and you didn’t post for ages and ages (much to my sadness) so I unfollowed. Have noticed you around on the commenting circuit so I came back! Glad I did! I like your style

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