Afternoon storm from a mobile phone

Storm over Fannie Bay

It’s been a while since I haven’t had a drink on a Friday night. But, as I am doing FebFast, I didn’t have a drink. Instead, I read a book while we ate pizza for dinner.

Today contained many moments of hilarity but no major notable moments.

A storm blew in early in the evening – just as I was picking up our pizza dinner – blowing away the remnants of a rather blah week. Blah, but with many moments of hilarity.

Daily wrap

Breakfast: Fruit with nuts and yoghurt once again

Lunch: Leftover vege sticks with leftover hommous and salsa. Mr Moi and I were supposed to indulge in a hot lunch date, but I missed his call so he went out. And didn’t take his mobile with him.

In addition to the vege sticks, I rememberd some quinoa with stewed apple and sultanas in cinnamon I’d left in the fridge at work. I’m learning that quinoa is an acquired taste. I’m not sure if I’m acquiring it.

Dinner: Caprice pizza from Fannie Bay Super Pizza. Despite the name, it’s a rather traditional old Aussie style Italian-run pizzeria. In fact, when I walked through the door, the smell and decor transported me back to our pre-married days in Gladesville, circa 2004, when we indulged in pizza every night, drank lots and went out without having to organise a babysitter first.

SprogFood: Weeties for brekky, pizza for dinner. She loved knawing on the crust. Mental note to provide yoghurt after meals this weekend. The kid won’t touch milk.

Notable moments: Learning that there was a monkey on the loose in Darwin. While amusing in itself, the funniest moment was the report that “Police have been informed about the monkey and are making plans to catch it”.

UnNoteable moments: Being woken by the Sproglette at 4.14am. Not sure what was wrong, but she wouldn’t go to sleep. I didn’t manage to catch more than a doze after that. No wonder I have the concentration span of a gnat.

Most brainbusting moment: Not sure I had one today. Certainly the moment that stimulated my grey matter the most was when my mate KahleeRose pointed me in the direction of Servant of Chaos. Contrary to being the satan worshipping site I thought it would be, it introduced me to this ad…

Have a great weekend lovely peeps xo.


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