I am a savvy queen

Watercolour by Olechko. Available for purchase from Etsy

It’s coffee, tea, soft drinks and cordial all the way for me. For the next 24 days, anyway.

This year, I am participating in FebFast – a month of going without alcoholic drinks to raise money for charities that help young people overcome addictions.

I am a member of the team Savvy Queens, and if you click through, you’ll notice we haven’t received any donations yet! That’s no big issue, as I only signed up today, but it will be an issue if I get to the end of the month and that total is still zero.

So if you’re feeling generous, please click through and donate. Lord knows with my love of wine, I’ll probably benefit from someone’s charity one day in the distant future.

Daily news wrap

I am going to make an attempt to post lost of boring details on here regularly. The reasons are three-fold:

  • Firstly, I want to regain my blogging mojo, and thought something regular might help
  • Working full time, the weeks just wizz by, and I really can’t remember what I cook, what the Sprog eats, what she doesn’t eat, and how I spend my time. In general. Besides working. In other words, I want to be able to look back and INSPIRE myself
  • I want to keep track of how (in)sane I remain during FebFast.

Here goes:

Brekky: Fruit, nuts and yoghurt with a coffee here (@home, plunged) and there (@work, skinny flat white)

Lunch: Can of Campbell’s Chunky Hearty Irish Stew soup. Lots of vege sticks with hommous and salsa

Dinner: Stir-fry cooked by Mr Moi

SprogFood: Weeties for breakfast, hunger strike for dinner. The dreaded molars are assaulting her from all sides

Notable moments: Today the Sprog walked all by herself. She trotted off with perfect balance and finesse. It was as though she’d been waiting til she mastered her technique before she wanted to walk.

UnNotable moments: Snacking on Mars Bar biscuits and Cadbury Mini Easter eggs.

Most brain busting moment: Trying to comprehend the 45 minutes of stream of consciousnness that came from a colleague today.


3 thoughts on “I am a savvy queen

  1. Good to see you writing again! And congratulations on being mother to a bona fide walker. Jack just started crawling, and I have to say I sometimes miss the days before he was mobile. But walking? That’s a whole new ballgame.

    Thanks for your kind comment. That’s really why I write, I think–to find out that somewhere in the world, someone feels the same way I do. Even as far away as Australia! Not sure if I mentioned it before, but I lived in Townsville for a year. Never made it up to Darwin, and cannot IMAGINE the heat up there, considering the months I spent soaked with sweat all day long in Townsville! Still, I miss it sometimes. *sigh*

    I have read through all of your archives, you should know that. There is no reason for you to wish your blog was like anyone else’s. I like it just as it is! Perhaps with a little more posting…. But I understand. Life is just too full sometimes, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Even blogs have to breathe 🙂

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