Personally I think someone should nominate me for an award…

… That is, in lieu of reporting me to DOCS for being such an oblivious parent.

So, the story goes thus:

The Sproglette, who was asleep, just woke up and alerted us to her state of alertness with a bit of a cry; a bit of a whinge.

I went into her room and she was lying in the cot, looking all chubby and cute. So I picked her up and quite literally slung her over my shoulder, then I hung her upside down in order to give her a giggly tickle. Which I love doing to her, but as for how the Sprog likes it, well, she’ll learn to speak one day and she may just tell me to “F*@k off!”

It was while she was hanging upside down (I’m pretty sure she was smiling, but her lips may just have been succumbing to gravity) that I admired her cute little buck teeth, and congratulated her on the good job she’d done in growing that sixth tooth through on the first night of our Christmas holidays when we were all suffering from sleep deprivation due to 4am wakeup call, a four hour flight and a late night. Which was then compounded by us all waking every two hours to quell the teething trauma. Yes, Joy to the World and Hell on Earth.

While I was offering my heartfelt congratulations to her, I noticed a line of white waaay back down her gums. I stuck my finger in to confirm, and sure enough she’s cut not one but BOTH molars during some week past. Without me realising. Because while I tout myself as a mother with her finger on the pulse, perhaps in reality I’m not. All I know is that she was a pretty grumpy little camper over the Christmas period.

And it took her 10 months just to grow her first tooth, so who would’ve expected that she’d get two molars pretty much on time? Not me.

The moral of this story is that any time a toddler spends hanging upside down in your arms, is time well spent.


8 thoughts on “Personally I think someone should nominate me for an award…

  1. We waited almost nine months for Jack’s first teeth, but it’s not something you check for every day is it? Or maybe that’s just me… Because one morning I randomly stuck my finger in his mouth just to check and there they were, two tiny bottom teeth. What? How long had they been there? I felt like a failure. Still, they had barely broken through, so I like to think I caught them on day one!

  2. In my children’s baby books I have the first 4 teeth marked down to the “DAY” they erupted from the gums…..any tooth after that is listed by month and year –

    and yes, I looked in the Caboose’s mouth recently and realized his molars where there (and had been for quite some time.)l Obviously, I have not been brushing his teeth enough.

  3. Delightful post LMM. It will be many, many years before those sweet teeth tell you to “F*@k off!” (if ever) She thinks that you are the greatest, most wonderful mom ever..

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