No flies on this one

Yesterday as I was sharing a rather humorous story with a colleague I realised it would be a great story to blog about.

An hour later when another colleague returned to her desk, I took a deep breath to launch into the same story (seriously, it was the funniest story ever). And I drew a total blank.

I asked colleague one if she could remember the story; she cocked her head to the side thoughtfully and said, “Wellllll…. I was talking about Poo….”

And that’s as far as she got. Between the two of us, we couldn’t, for the life of us, remember my hil-fucking-arious story. We could only remember Poo (which, incidentally colleague one had found smeared on the loo seat at work).

And thus my funniest story ever joined the leagues of all those fish that got away.

“I once caught a fish THIS big!”

(I do hope I remember it one day. Twas funny.)

(Am I the only one who gets blog-nesia?)


7 thoughts on “No flies on this one

  1. lol!! Well even if it wasn’t the story you wanted to tell it still is pretty funny. Sounds like you two better get to and do some work 😉 xox

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