I forgot how entertaining university toilet doors can be

Those who know me know that I am a serial language learner. I am, however, fluent in none but English, unless I am drunk, then I am totally fluent in Russian and, previously, Japanese. (But strangely, when I’m drunk, the one language I’m not fluent in, is English).

One language that I started to learn and just didn’t get, was Spanish. Don’t know why, it just didn’t really stick, so I quit before the course finished.

And the language I am currently learning is French. Classes are held at the university, and during the break in my first class, I ventured into the toilets. While I was sitting on the loo, I read the back of the toilet door. Fond memories of my five years at QUT came flooding back to me: I reminisced about how I used to go to one particular cubicle in the ladies refectory toilets, because the graffiti on the back of the door was just out of control funny. It was so memorable that I can’t remember what it actually said, but it was humorous. Or maybe I’d just drunk too much beer at the pub.

Anyhoo, my French classes have reminded me of this other type of toilet humour.

Here are some of the stickers, comments and ads on the back of the door at Charles Darwin University (not as entertaining as QUT days, but hey, there’s only about 400 people on campus up here per day, so one can’t expect much):

graffiti 1
Can you see the ad for 'green' tampon alternatives? Ick!

graffiti 2


11 thoughts on “I forgot how entertaining university toilet doors can be

  1. I must admit I haven’t been able to look at my friend Wally the same way since I read on the back of the loo door at the pub that he sucks… well, never mind.

  2. Love that bathroom stuff until my kids ask me what it means.

    Oh – and that menstral cap? That was the product that turned me off from being a hardcore Environmentalist!!!! I’ll stick with the usual, thanks.

  3. when I was in my twenties it wasn’t called a menstrual cup. It was a Tassaway. Yes. It was a throw away menstrual cup — so it wasn’t even environmentally approved. But that was before disposable diapers — so I guess people weren’t even thinking about the land fills yet.

  4. What a great post. I’m the same as you. When drunk I have every accent from everywhere… but no Australian.

    I’d love to learn French. It seems to be such a beautiful language. x

  5. I got here through Girls Gone Child… Read your post about having gone back to work and finally feeling alive and whole again. Right now I’m smack in the middle of my own very lethargic post-natal year, and wondering if I’ll ever have energy again, feel like myself again, be happy again. I love my baby, so much it’s exhausting, but where am I? So good to read from someone who has been through that forest, and come out the other side!

  6. Hey i am a training journalist and i am writing an article on toilet door scribbles.

    Would you be able to answer a couple of questions on your findings? they will be very quick.

    Please email me on either Chanice.henry@myports.ac.uk or the address above.


    Chanice Henry

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