We are young, we run green….

(Title borrowed from Supergrass’s “Alright”)*

On Saturday night I was very keen to get Le Sprog to bed. I was planning to go to the shops to purchase a bottle of fizz, which I had a hankering for. (No, I’m not an alcoholic. Yet).

On the dot of 7pm, I put her in the cot, all warm from her bath and full from her dinner and milk. Then I grabbed the keys and the iPod and headed out the door to the carpark.

I was exaltant. Yay! I’m Free!

Sadly, it had been a couple of weeks since I’d been anywhere without the baby. So I literally felt the shackles drop off. I was a different person: I was GOING OUT on a SATURDAY NIGHT.

In reality, of course, it was only 7pm and I was heading to Woolworths, which is about a two minute drive away, and slightly less exciting than a dental checkup. But I’m never one to let distance (or lack thereof) rule out an opportunity to listen to music, so I selected The Magic Numbers and drove to Woolworths.

Now the beauty of the iPod is that you can disconnect it from the car, plug earphones straight into it and continue your listening pleasure. Which, of course, is what I did. And music adds a spring to my step and makes me feel happy and young and carefree. So, I walked into Woolworths feeling… maybe not like a million bucks… but at least like a hundred.

Now, Woolworths is in the middle of the city, in very close proximity to backpacker and budget accommodation, so I wasn’t surprised to see it was absolutely pumping at 7:15pm on a Saturday night. There were lots of beautiful, tanned, foreign backpackers walking around buying food and alcohol, contributing to my rather misguided fantasy that I was once again young and beautiful myself.

As I was walking through the Woolies freezer section, bopping away to The Magic Numbers, feeling like one of the Young, Beautiful people, I caught my reflection in the door of the freezer, and straight away I noticed a big black mole on my leg. I stopped in my tracks.

Now, I’m pretty careful about being sun smart, so I couldn’t believe this slipped my notice. I bent down to take a closer look at the mole, and was horrified. It wasn’t a mole, after all.

It was a steamed sultana. And right next to it, smeared all over my black pants, was a huge lump of smushed up apple.

I’m sure anyone who was subscribing to the fantasy of me, the Young and Beautiful, would have seen the sultanta as a mole and the apple as a giant lump of snot. I just saw myself for what I was – a mum on a mission, free of the child for half an hour.

Now, I’ve imagined myself in a lot of exciting and romatic situations in my life, and I’ve often need a rather harsh reality check. But I never expected that reality check to come from a sultana.

So, to cut a potentially long trip short, I headed straight for the bottle shop, bought a bottle of fizz, went home and drowned my sorrows. And every hour or so, I peeked in at the cutest baby in the world. Which makes for a pretty good night out, after all.

*The Supergrass tour of early 2000 (I think) is a gig I truly regret missing.


13 thoughts on “We are young, we run green….

  1. what a great story Miss! I am so with you on the shackles dropping at the front door and then the anticipation of what could happen sans children – but alas generally it is an exciting trip to the supermarket or the chemist or some such place for me too! – hey at least yours included alcohol!!!!!!! I find what is even better is when I return home and find that 1, 2, or 3 hasn’t gotten back up and is waiting for me to start the whole going to bed process again! Oh the pleasures of being a Mum.

  2. Laughed so hard reading this! So funny! Can totally relate. Not to the sultana but to the ‘yea I still got it’ and realising, well I don’t. But I have 4 beautiful kids and that is better than being hot on a Saturday night! And yay for moments of freedom, even if they are only to Woolies and back!! xox

  3. Hey don’t worry about it, I’ve looked a lot worse than that even when I was Young and Beautiful, too much fizz can do that to you!

  4. Not having fizz on a Saturday night would be wrong. Even if you do have to go out covered in muck to get it accomplished.

  5. Great story – can totally relate. I am sadly excited by trips to the supermarket sans children. Hey, you’re alone and you’re shopping.

  6. this morning I went to my bedroom to dress (after feeding Karmyn’s little Caboose –) and I realized I had strawberries and oatmeal all over my knees.

  7. I found your blog through (I think) Mags blog.
    I just love your blog, your writing style is fun and witty and you remind me a lot like myself with the stories of your daughter (I have a 1 year old son) and I can relate. [sadly my son is still not sleeping through the night]

    1. Thanks for visiting and for your nice comment!

      I had a broken night last night (becuase of teeth, I think) and it made me remember how hard it is when she didn’t sleep through the night! Ah how quickly I forgot!

      Now excuse me while I go and fall asleep into my coffee 🙂

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