The upside to being in one place for longer than two months at a time

The biggest positive is:

Le Sproglette has started to sleep through the night!

And the second biggest positive is:

Le Sproglette has started to sleep through the night!

As all parents who have been sleep deprived know, the kid sleeping through the night is a fucking fantastic thing.

I was talking to my mother on the phone the other day, and I mused that, perhaps had she not slept in something like 25 different beds in her first eight months (I kid you not), perhaps she’d have been the calmest baby ever in existence. And my mother, bless her for being so generous, pointed out that perhaps the reason she’s such a chilled out baby is because we did drag her from pillar to post. She learnt to be adaptable. Maybe. But she didn’t learn to sleep through the night until she got a proper cot in her own room and slept in that room for more than six consecutive weeks.

As soon as I hit publish, I’m sure I will jinx myself, and she’ll wake up 20 times tonight.


8 thoughts on “The upside to being in one place for longer than two months at a time

  1. I totally agree with your mother… My daughter was the little girl that would talk to any little kid on the playground and not cry when we left her at the gym daycare. This was because I had a lot of help from grandparents, and encouraged her to be assertive when she was small. Instead of feeling guilty, I can be proud of her for it, even though assertive=bossy. Oops 🙂

  2. Lovely! I hope it continues. Doesn’t it feel great to get sleep. Such bliss. x

    I’m sorry I haven’t visited earlier. I always click over, but didn’t think you had a blog… I only realised that I had to click on the link to the left Anyways… I’m here now. That’s what matters. xx

  3. Oh I want your mum! How lovely and supportive is that (even if she did give her egg)! So glad you guys are getting sleep. Now if your little one and have a chat with my little one all will be right in the world 🙂

  4. Dear Miss M. That’s exactly how I want Le Sprog to be. Mr Moi and I realised on the weekend that we’ve been waiting for this ‘clingy’ stage, and it’s not happening yet. She never even puts out her arms to be picked up, and she never follows us around the house! She’s just happy doing her own thing. Miss Independence Personality indeed.

    Dear chris. It’s really is wonderful. Now I just have to get over MY waking through the night.

    Dear Chantelle. Thanks for visiting! Hopefully you’ll be sleeping through every night soon too 🙂

    Dear Bianca. Yes, I was surprised that mum said that, because at times she can be a little – oppositionary (is that a word?). We’re just exactly the same, so we have little arguments (and then make up over a couple of bottles of wine). Anyway, she’s the best mum I’ve ever had (har har!)

    Dear kellie. Yes, i agree, it’s totally wonderful! Though more sleep has made me feel more tired. Weird.

  5. yeah yeah yeah! I feel your joy – and yes, now that you have said it – she’ll wake up 20 times tonight. It happens almost every time to me.

    I find that once the kids start sleeping through the night – and you become used to that extra sleep, those nights they do wake up make it especially hard on your body –

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