Itchy feet, wanderlust… Just get me outta here!

Mr Moi and I are already getting itchy feet*. Being back in Oz, albeit in a town that’s not ‘home’, isn’t making us as content as we thought we’d be.

Not that it’s likely we’ll travel again any time soon (when I say travel, I mean move to another country. I’m sure we’ll go abroad for a few weeks here and there in the interim).

When next we make a long haul flight, it will be for the long haul, so it’s likely we’ll be living in Darwin for the forseeable future (at least two years? I don’t know). After that, we’re not sure. There’s the UK, where we can go any time, or another expat posting, potentially in South East Asia. (Three years ago, I loved the idea of SE Asia and abhorred the mere idea of Europe. But I’ve changed my tune). An expat posting is contingent on Mr Moi finding the work, having a far more internationally adaptable profession than I do.

In the meantime, being the perennial language collector I am, I am signing up to learn my fourth language, French. I’ve searched in vain for Russian teachers in Darwin, there seem to be none, and I’m not ready to dredge my long lost Japanese to the surface just yet. I have to fall back in love with Japan first (nothing that a quick trip there won’t accomplish, I’m sure). The other choices were Indonesian, Greek (because of the ridiculously large diaspora living here), or Chinese. Chinese – meh. I’m stupid for having that attitude, but Japanese and Russian have four alphabets between them, and two languages with funny writings is enough for me to cope with.

Mr Moi is trying to convince me to holiday to East Timor. I’d love to go, but (not so?) strangely, I’m far more cautious about where we go, now that Le Sproglette will be tagging along. I want to be somewhere with a decent hospital or clinic in case of an emergency. The closest hospital to Dili is…. Darwin.

(This is totally opposite to my rather blithe attitude when we travelled to Laos after we got ‘bored’ with Thailand. Only a few months before we’d been there, tourists had been shot dead along the main highway by bandits who still though the Vietnam war was raging, or something. Oh, and the only clinic in the country was in the Australian Embassy, and they were only really equipped to evacuate people to Thailand in an ambulance. And we saw the ambulance evacuating to Thailand when we were crossing the border. Being held up for an hour, along with the rest of the traffic. Nevertheless, I loved the country and would go back for a holiday in a heartbeat).

I mentioned I need to fall back in love with Japan, and another holiday there is on the cards. We spent Christmas 2004 there. It was Mr Moi’s first visit, and my second. I’d love to take Mr Moi to Tokyo; I myself only spent four days there. I’d also love to go back to Hokkaido during the winter, especially as Le Sproglette has proved herself to be quite hardy when it comes to sub-zero temperatures.

It’s likely that our first trip will be to Ho Chi Minh City, probably early next year. Not that we’ve started planning yet. But it’s only a couple of hours flight from the Top End, and if we can’t have Europe, we’ll take VietNam, eating lots of pho along the way. yum yum.

*OK I am getting itchy feet and projecting onto Mr Moi


2 thoughts on “Itchy feet, wanderlust… Just get me outta here!

  1. I loved Japan too – just because the people were so amazingly friendly and welcoming. (i stayed for a brief time as an exchange student – although I didn’t go to school).

    I’d love to travel more but with 3 kids – airline prices are way too expensive. We are pretty much limited to where our car can take us right now.

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