We’re dealing with the dreaded constipation at the moment

And when I say ‘we’, I don’t mean me.

Yesterday, while Le Sproglette was playing on the floor, I noticed her breath was coming in gasps, and then she started crying. I racked my brain to think of why she’d spontaneously cry for no reason, and realised she hadn’t done a poo in about three days.

So we trotted off to Coles to buy come Sunraysia Prune Juice. As soon as we left the store, I put some in her cup. By the time we got home, she’d finished it all. So I put a little more in, and she finished that. Today, I put the rest of the bottle in her cup, and she’s just finished all that.

Of course, I’m very worried that in a short period of time, her cup… er… nappy… will runneth over.


3 thoughts on “We’re dealing with the dreaded constipation at the moment

  1. Funny how motherhood put’s you back in touch with what really matters in life! Hope relief has come to the Sproglette by now…..

  2. Dear molly. I’ve always been obsessed with bolidy functions, my own in particular. That’s probably why I’m not a very good person to know in real life.

    Dear Karmyn. Blackberries, hey? Not a bad idea. It’s not berry season here though (in fact, it rarely is in Australia) but I could probably get them frozen. Will remember for next time.

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