I’ve been cheating on Mr Moi.

For the past week, I haven’t been able to think about anything else. You see, on Wednesday last week, I went into a bookstore in town, and that’s when I saw it. Twilight. On a whim, I bought it. And anyone who knows me, knows that when I get some frothy fiction, I just can’t put the book down. There’s no point fighting this compulsion to read until the book is finished. Resistance is futile. And so, I read it.

I had to be very evasive around Mr Moi, because he thinks I read books too quickly. And, when they’re getting up around $30 a pop in Australia (yes, that is right, $30 for one book), well, knocking it over in 20 hours doesn’t represent great value for money.

So, I waited two days until I let myself anywhere near the bookstore again. But when I did, I bought New Moon, and read that too. And so on, and so forth, until I finished the final book, Breakin Dawn, a couple of days ago. I sunk $120 on a series, and read it in six days.

From a purely technical writing perspective (cause that’s what I did, I was a comms peep), I don’t think the books are particularly well written, but it’s a hopelessly pathetic romantic yarn, and added to that, it’s set in high school and it’s a tale about a really good-looking guy who falls in love with an ordinary girl, and that, I think, resonates with a lot of people because really, who didn’t feel like a freak in high school?

(Although it’s not like the best looking guy could have fallen for me at high school because the best looking guy was still really ugly and probably in his 40s. And a teacher. I went to an all girls school).

So, I’ve finished the Twilight Saga and, to be truthful, I probably won’t re-read it, at least for a while. It’s an appealing story to my fat-ugly 16 year-old inner-self, but I didn’t feel like there were a lot of layers to it. And in some ways it bore similarities to a favourite series of mine, The Obernewtyn Chronicles by Isobelle Carmody, which is a truly complex story and extremely well written.

If you click on that above link to the Obernewtyn Chronicles, you’ll see the headline reads, “The Wait is Over”, and it is. I started reading Obernewtyn when I was 14. And the fifth book in the series has just been released, 10 years after the fourth! So before I was getting carried away with Twilight, I was engrossed in re-reading the Obernewtyn Chronicles (except for the second book in the series, which was mysteriously lost during all our moving).

So in order to revive all the braincells I killed by reading frothy fluffy fiction, I must now go and tackle some literature. Or essays. A quick glance at the bookshelf gives me some options: Understanding Power by Noam Chomsky, or The Origins of the Boxer Uprising. Emotionally Weird by Kate Atkinson (or if I’m feeling lazy, I’ll just pull out my all-time favourite of her books, Behind the Scenes at the Museum.)

Hmn. Food for thought indeed.


8 thoughts on “Infidelity

  1. I watched the movie, it was only slightly less enjoyable than a root canal. Hey, the title of this post is a real coincidence, considering the post I’m about to write!

  2. I always wait and read them when they are (a) out in paperback, (b) borrowed from a friend or family, or (c) in the used book exchange.

  3. Hey WT. What can I expect, you’re a bloke, so you wouldn’t get it. Although, I didn’t think the movie was that great, but it does have a decent soundtrack.

    Pamela. $30 for a book is the paperback price in Australia. A hardcover book is up around $45 – $50 new release.

    MissM. I could have waited til he went out of town, but I have zero patience, so I just waited til he was either at work, or asleep. Surprising how many hours there are in the day when you count like that…

  4. Yeah! Another Twilight lover – so, the big question is: Are you team Jacob or Team Edward?

    My sister and I go rounds as to which man Bella should have really been with.

  5. haha, Now I just can’t wait till you write one yourself – I envision an exiting romantic twists with lots of intellect shining though in the plot!

  6. Oh me too. I brought the first book and then was back at the shops the next day to buy the second, the next day the third and the list goes on. Totally tradic, I got bored and read them all FOUR time. I know!! I can’t believe they are so exxy I brought mine for $12-18

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