Lost in Territorian

Mr Moi has left me. No, it’s not like you think. He’s away on a bizzo trip, the first of hopefully not many with this new job.

He’s been away since 5am Tuesday morning, and since he left it’s occurred to me that if, for example, I got sick and needed a hand looking after Le Sprog, or getting food, or anything like that, there is absolutely no one I know in this town who could give me a hand.

Previously I would have revelled in this anonymity, taking the opportunity of a quiet phone to have lots of nights snuggling up to a bottle of red wine and quite a few soppy movies. But being alone in a city with a baby is a very isolating feeling.

Lack of company aside, I thought I’d find it a real struggle going solo, but to be honest, it’s a little easier looking after just one baby than looking after the two babies. (And I’m allowed to say that because Mr Moi doesn’t read my blog).

I guess I have to go out and *gulp* try to make some friends. Again. If only for the conversation… With Mr Moi away, I’ve spoken nothing but baby talk for the past 48 hours.

Goo gah.


5 thoughts on “Lost in Territorian

  1. I am just up the road you know!! Maybe next week when we are over our colds we can catch up for a play? My littlest is nine months too.
    Darwin seems to be a “in the know” kinda place. Need to meet people to find more people/playgroups/story time etc. Can give you some info on where to get started 🙂 xox

  2. Dear bianca. Sounds like a great idea. I have a car as of today (and can thoroughly recommend Bridge Toyota – they even picked me up and drove me up there when I had to fill out paperwork etc!)

    Darwin is a strange town. The first two weeks we were here, I kept thinking, “Oh my god, what have we gotten ourselves in for…” And, I had a low starting point (UKRAINE! I mean, you can’t get much worse than the former soviet union).

    But, the more I look and explore town (and mostly just town, as we haven’t had a car), the more I see things… Cool shops hidden on upper floors, great restaurants hidden in arcades, etc etc.

    I went to story time at the city library and met some mums, but with the moving and the sprog’s sleep timetable, I haven’t gotten back there. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll make it!

    let me know when you feel better.

  3. I laughed out loud at that bit about two babies! So true! You won’t find friends sitting at home, so hit the road with the pram and the Sproglette!

  4. I know how you feel except I’ve lived in this house for five years and in this town for most of my life. Talk about needing to make some friends!

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