A collaboration

I tell you, I know a good thing when I see it (said tongue in cheek).

One day recently, I decided to give my lovely friend Olya a plug for the benefit of my eight readers, and what do you know but only three days later, she’s reviewed on the UK’s Mirror website.

They do say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

Well Olya, being a dab hand with the brush, put out challenge to the blogosphere, seeking suggestions for how she might use words to add a new dimension to her paintings about Hackney/Brick Lane, where she lives.

So she and I have started a little collaboration project. I decided to write poetry. I haven’t written poetry since I was angry, drunk and 17 (before emos were invented. Once again, I’m so ahead of my time!)

So pop over to her blog and have a read. I’m glad I’m a pseudonym writer, because I feel all jubbly when I read stuff I wrote (besides all the corporate guff I used to get paid to do. To this day I read all my old work and think I kicked ass and give myself a pat on the back. Then a slap in the face).


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