There’s no better way to welcome one to Darwin

A couple of weeks ago, in the midst of our manic we-must-find-an-apartment-now rush upon first arriving in Darwin, I arranged to meet Mr Moi on a certain street corner so we could head to an inspection together.

I was running late, as usual, and Mr Moi waited until the last possible moment to leave work. I was watching him as he walked up one of Darwin’s main streets to meet me. As he was walked towards me, a man walked right into his path and kicked him in the leg. Just like that!

We’re not too sure why someone kicked him in the leg, but a concerned passer-by (OK, he was a driver of a car that was passing by at that moment) stopped, wound down the window and checked that Mr Moi was OK (never mind the cars behind him).

Mr Moi was OK. We’re not sure why someone felt the need to kick him in the leg as he was walking down the street. But that was the first indication to us that there might be a few nutters in Darwin.

And to think of all that time and energy I wasted fretting about his wellbeing in Kyiv. Nothing ever happened. In fact, we both felt comfortable walking around the city at any hour of the night (even when I was pregnant).

It only took us to come back to Oz for all my fretting to be (ever-so-slightly) realised.

(Are there any other wordpress users out there who can’t get their photos to work properly? It’s driving me NUTS!)


9 thoughts on “There’s no better way to welcome one to Darwin

  1. PS. Wouldn’t you be better off asking for WP users who can get their photos to work properly? I mean, you already know how to stuff them up.

  2. Just wait until the build up!! Ever heard of ‘going tropo’ or ‘mango madness’?? I was pretty jumpy for a while too. There are some real nutters. Stay out of the city, too many tourists and they are just as nutty too!

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