Things I miss about Kyiv

Never did I think I would say this but… I’m sure this will be an ongoing series, so I am going to make it into a new category.

So, for today’s ‘things I miss about Kyiv’ entry:

When I walked across the road in Kyiv and a car was coming, it would accelerate towards me, and I’d run out of the way. When I got yelled at, it was in Russian so I didn’t understand (= I didn’t care).

When I walk across the road in Darwin and a car is coming, it accelerates towards me, and I run out of the way. When I get yelled at, it’s in (bogan) English, and it makes me Very Cranky, but there’s nothing I can do, so I get Very Frustrated, and stomp off muttering to myself, and then I’m in a strop for the rest of the day and I really hate bogans.

There’s a lot to be said for living life in a language you don’t understand.


12 thoughts on “Things I miss about Kyiv

  1. I agree about living with a language you don’t understand, especially when they don’t understand yours either.

    In Georgia drivers are much worse than Ukraine. No I didn’t believe it either but I never felt that unsafe in Kiev, whereas I NEVER step off the pavement (which you have to do quite often to avoid cars, dog shit, things for sale and bag ladies who live in cardboard boxes with a load of cats, and that’s just a 10 minute walk to work) in Tbilisi without looking very carefully for cars.

    After some near escapes, I have managed to be able to shout loudly in English exactly what I think of the driver. It has no effect on them, but it makes me feel better. Since no one else can understand, it doesn’t make me feel undignified shouting in the street, as it would if I were at home.

  2. Dear Beckie and Karmyn. Consider this just the start of your educaiton about Aussie slang. I’m sure there will be more pearlers coming up.

    Dear varske. I really do find it hard to believe that Georgian drivers are worse than Ukrainian drivers. I just asked Mr Moi if they were in his experience and he said ‘I couldn’t tell’. He must have been drunk the whole three times he was in Georgia, because usually he loves talking about how bad drivers are. Your story is worthy of a blog post!

    Dear Danielle. Of course not! I’m Aussie and I’m not a bogan 😉

    Dear 12ontheinside. Thanks for the encouragement. You know, there is like, one gourmet deli here in Darwin. As of March 2009, I would have been able to say that that was one more gourmet deli than Kyiv, but alas just before we left again, a gourmet deli opened in Kyiv! So Kyiv 1, Darwin 1…

    Dear enidd. I totally miss it all. Not.

  3. Actually also meant to say those motorists sound just like the ones in China. They zoom all around you on the zebra crossing and I felt like swearing at them!

  4. hmm this is inspiring a post – something along the lines of – what do I miss about Kiev – not having pedestrians and cyclists jumping in front of you every 5 mins. Anyway back to Darlooz – can’t you learn boganspeak and swear the f*ck back at them?

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