Le Sproglette is overjoyed

This post first appeared in my drafts section as an “I’ve left Ukraine” post that I never got around to posting.

After we departed the land of pork, we headed straight (well, stupidly via Heathrow, but back out the same day) to Portugal, the land of … the Portuguese? Travelling in the party were were two adults: myself and Mr Moi; and one baby.

Note to self for the future – an extra half a person, and the increase in baggage allowace this entails, only serves to complicate life, especially when that half a person generally needs at least one adult arm to be carried in.

[Time for an aside]

So, our baggage is worth a mention: three (huge) suitcases. One with the exandable section expanded. One 60L backpack. One 10.5kg stroller in a bag. One computer bag, one nappy bag, one general ‘full-o-shit’ bag, one man-bag, and two handbags (hey, a girl’s gotta be prepared).

So it was a tight squeeze into Mind the Gap’s SUV to even get to the airport, but it was probably downright hilarious (stressful to me) to see us juggle two overloaded trolleys and a baby as we pushed through the airport. Of course, we lost half of it in transit, so things were easier at the other end, at least…

[Aside over]

We went to Portugal, and for the first time in living memory (four months) I saw my daughter’s arms for the first time. Yes, that’s right, I bathed her fully clothed in Ukraine. Not really, but you know the point I’m trying to make. I didn’t recognise the poor kid.

Since November, she’d been wrapped in some huge down-filled snow suit and looked rather like a Michelin Man every time we went out. There is nothing more scary than the wrath of a babushka when she thinks you’re underdressing your child in the winter, so she was a well wrapped kid.

Everytime I saw her indoors, she was in longy everything. The day we left Ukraine it was zero degrees and snowing; that evening we arrived in Lisbon where it was 25 degrees and (had been) sunny (it was night when we arrived).

Over the next two days I went through an adjustment period. I kept looking in the stroller and thinking my baby was a summery little changeling the fairies had placed there.

Ne'er to wear anything down-filled again (for a while, anyway)

And I wasn’t the only one who was going through a period of adjustment. Le Srpoglette couldn’t believe her good luck. She could sit in the stroller and use her hands! Which created more work for me, because she quickly learned how to chuck stuff out of the stroller for fun.


12 thoughts on “Le Sproglette is overjoyed

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

    The polaroid is actually an application. If you google Poladroid you should be able to find it. It’s really cool. It makes the sounds and everything. I love it. x

    1. It was a pleasure to visit your blog. It’s very pretty. I spent all day yesterday reassessing my blog, and considering a redesign, but I wouldn’t let myself do it… I always get carried away in a redesign in the hope it will make me want to post lots, and often, and all I end up with is a new-looking blog with one new entry per month!

    1. Thanks Chris, of course I think so; I’m totally biased. She’s also extremely cheeky (and not just in the facial sense!) I just read that you’re granny to another teenager – I can’t believe Beccy’s kids are so grown up!

  2. I’d kiss those sweet cheeks.
    I think I’d make a good babushka. We were at a restaurant and the air conditioning was cold. I had a sweat shirt on. Everybody was dressed with sleeves and jeans. EXCEPT.. a little tiny new born baby in a little pink sundress. She was screaming, too. I’m sure she needed to be swaddled.

    It took every ounce of will power for me not to walk over there and tell those new parents to dress their baby like they were dressed. I was mad.

    Oh sorry– see? Definitely a babushka

    1. Dear pamela. There is a difference between getting roused on for not dressing the baby properly, and getting roused on for not having it’s arms covered when it’s 30 degrees but a little breezy outside. Or when it’s 30 degrees in the apartment thanks to heating we can’t control, and I open a window to relieve the stuffiness and *gasp* there is a baby in the same room (well rugged up!)

      That’s scary babushka territory.

    1. Thanks Beckie. Yes, she was ever so happy, now she doesn’t have to sleep when she’s in the stroller, she just plays with the dummy etc instead.

    1. Ah, yes the cheeky smile makes up for the hours of awakeness during the night when I just wanna tear my hair out.

  3. And this picture is EXACTLY why I made my comment on the last post.

    I tend to overdress my kids so I probably wouldn’t be afraid of those babushkas.

    1. Haha thanks Karmyn. And I’m happy to note that if you stood on the other side of the room, you would be able to see this picture as clear as day too!

      I overdress Le Sproglette too, because I figure I can always take stuff off if I’m out, but I can’t put it on if I don’t have anything with me.

      I bought so much summer stuff when I was in Australia after I had Le Sprog, that when I went back to Ukraine I just invested in lots of long sleeved bodysuits and lots of baby tights, so she was wintery underneath with a summer layer over the top!

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