It’s getting hot in here

As I type, I’m looking at my eight-and-a-half month old baby crawling across the floor. Clever little sausage. Ahh how quickly they grow and all that. There she goes, an inch at a time, towards the powerpoint. Oh, look at her, she’s grabbing the computer cord… Shit!

There comes times in parenthood when you realise you should intervene, and that was one of them. She threw a tantrum for a second, so I gave her one of her daddy’s work shoes to play with. She seems happy enough with the resounding clonk it makes everytime she hits it on the ground.

So we’re currently basking in the hot hot weather. And, funnily enough, we’re not in the northern hemisphere. Fate has dealt us an interesting hand, and we’ve ended up in Australia’s only capital city that doesn’t have a distinct winter or summer, only a ‘wet’ and a ‘dry’. Does anyone know where we are…?

Life in Australia, especially where we are, is turning out to be a little more costly than we envisaged, so I’m looking for a job*. Or an occupation (i.e. something not quite so structured as a job; rather a series of tasks I can complete from home in exchange for dosh). Does anyone have any ideas?

At the moment I’m flirting with such exciting ideas as selling photos on Etsy (that will probably net me about $5 per month), or creating a photo book of life in Ukraine and selling it through some website or another. Which would bring my aggregate monthly net earnings to around, say, $10 per month. I’ve written a couple of articles and am going to try selling them to magazines, but seriously? Every (wo)man and h(er)is dog is a writer these days, and it’s all terribly competitive. So I really think my articles are destined to become well researched and very boring posts on this blog.

Oh well, I’ll keep thinking. Any suggestions? G-rated ideas only please…

*The problem with getting a ‘job’ and all it’s connotations of working in an office day in and day out is that an available childcare spot is rarer than hen’s teeth in this town. Here’s an excerpt from an email a friend of mine sent me today:

i was speaking to my friend [who lives in LMM’s new hometown] and she said there is a real shortage of child care places and that a lot of centres have 3 year waiting lists, but that many centres dont bother keeping lists at all because of the shortage and its potluck getting a spot.  so good luck with it but you never know your luck.


12 thoughts on “It’s getting hot in here

  1. Looks like there is a need for childcare….wouldn’t be my choice, but you might be able to make a go of it.

    Good to hear that you’re still alive out there and well out there!

  2. Beckie, I don’t think childcare would be my cup of tea either. Too many forms to fill out for starters!

    you’d be guessing right, WT.

  3. How about turning a trick down the docks? Or interior design. They’re both kind of similar, in a way…

  4. Dear enidd. Funnily enough, Darwin has lots of docks. In fact, I believe our new apartment will be overlooking them. So in that case, there’s nothing like working close to home…

    1. Yep, I think we’re still acclimating. We’ve discovered that Le Sproglette does indeed sweat, so that’s one win for us.

    1. Believe me, we’ve considered it. There is a comp going in a Parents mag here at the moment that is worth $10,000 to the winner!

  5. At this time of year there is heaps of hospitality work. So you could work nights and/or weekends, your partner could look after little one. Saves childcare. xox

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