Sunshine in a bottle

I distincly remember reading somewhere (just can’t remember where) that babies in Australia should never be exposed to direct sunlight because they get all the vitamin D they need from reflected sunlight. And cause the sun is hot and it burns, yeowch. Even in winter.

Behold Ukraine’s answer to sunlight:

Sunshine in a bottle!
Sunshine in a bottle!

It’s called Aquadetrim and it’s a vitamin D supplement for little babies in Ukraine, because they never see the sun. In winter, that is.

The doctor who prescribed it told me to give it to Sproglette, “every day for three months, or until we move to sunnier climes”. Luckily, the latter applies to us seeing as we’re upping the last of our stumps and leaving forever in a month.

It was just yesterday that Mr Moi and I were trying to determine the last time we saw the sun, and we decided it was about three weeks ago. Then voila! This morning, the sun popped out for about 10 minutes. Unfortunately, we were still in our pyjamas and by the time we got ready, the sun disappeared.

So we all disappeared too… Back into bed, with a drop of sunshine in a bottle on our tongues.


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