In disturbing news this week…

The Sprog had to get her four month immunisations (a little bit late – woops!) Boy did she sound traumatised. The good news is, I didn’t cry. I almost did. Mind the Gap – my moral support – almost did too. The Sprog knows how to turn on the tears!

It turns out that two of the three immunisations on her schedule are not registered in Ukraine, so we had to go to a clinic that’s attached to one of the embassies, who can get the immunisations sent from abroad in the diplomatic bag…. Oy!

And while I’m at it, BOOOOOooooo to the big pharmaceutical firms! Sproglet (I just realised, it should probably be Sproglette!) couldn’t get the rotavirus immunisation, because in Queensland, she started on Rota Teq, made by Merck. In Ukraine, no rotavirus immunisation is registered for use, and the only one that they get through the diplomatic bag is Rotarix, which is made by GSK.

Of course, they are completely un-interchangeable.

Hopefully it won’t be too late for her to get her second dose when we return to Queensland towards the end of February.

And in a completely different matter (not!), who would have thought that I would be bloggin’ about babies all the time. FLASHBACK to two years ago, or even one year and one month ago, and one could almost guarantee to find me at this time – 10 in the morning – between social drinking occasions, nursing a gentle hangover.

Now I just feel hungover all the time, without the joy of being drunk the night before…..


10 thoughts on “In disturbing news this week…

  1. Poor thing! I mean you! I was always more traumatized by the immunizations than Zane ever was. It’s a whole big mess with all the different companies and their different vaccines. I can’t imagine how much extra work you have to do to get her on a different country’s schedule. Hope you get some rest!!! Hugs!

  2. Wait a second, you’re telling me if you have kids the drinking before noon ends? I would have thought it ramped up, but with this revelation I think it’s best that the wife and I never have kids. Glad to hear the little one got her jabs.

  3. Poor baby…..the Caboose just got his 6 month shots a few weeks ago (a month late as well). I tell you – they have more shots now than just 8 years ago when my oldest was a baby. Yes, the crying breaks the heart. You were lucky to have some support in there – I can’t get anyone to go with me. (my husband has NEVER experienced a baby check-up appointment – three kids and all!)

  4. Oh, so there’s finally a limit on the time you get to spend in the snow now? Don’t worry about the baby blogging… I’m staggered that more than two years has gone by since you went to the Ukraine. That’s even scarier! Spent a frantic weekend with our favourite Irish biscuit maker, Joan O, and her hubby. They, like you, are tennis freaks (maybe your level of love for it is on ice – hee hee). It was fun, but for me tennis and fishing are about the same…

  5. I know I read this post but I don’t see my comment and I was certain I did. Anyway I hope LMS is fully recovered by now.

    I have tagged you for a Meme but do fully understand that you might not feel like doing it so no pressure!

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