Yay for natural resources

Even though it didn’t affect us badly, hurrah for turning the gas back on! I’m sure the Bulgarians will be happy.


10 thoughts on “Yay for natural resources

  1. Dear Chrisb – i’m sure there will be a next time! We’re talking about two countries with a lot of personality here.

    Dear John – well, I had all our extra coats out just in case.

    Dear willlowtree – yeah, not really too affected. The only difference to me so far is that they’re not heating the apartment as warm as last year…. But you just reminded me of a blog post I could do. Stay tuned.

  2. And we think we’re cold here in Florida because the temps are lower than normal for this time of year! No ice and no snow to shovel, so ,as my daughter would say—Wah! Wah! Blogger has a [relatively] new way of letting you know when blogs you follow are updated. I’ve been S-L-O-W getting up to speed, but here I am! Glad I’m here and not in Kiev, brrrr! [But I love hearing about it!]
    I finally got you on my

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