A gift from a well-meaning friend*

As all the expats trickle back into Kyiv after the season to be jolly draws to a close once again, our social calendar is once again filling up. However, where once it would be full of rollicking evening booze sessions, my lovely Kikki K Family Calendar** is filling up with afternoon latte dates at the only local cafe that is both smoke free, and that the stroller will fit through the door of.

So one of these latte dates was with the returning non-blogger, Mind the Gap (who ventured all the way down under with her froggy spouse and didn’t even go to Australia. I’m so disappointed). And on this latte date, she gave me a gift that, in her words, “she’d bought for me when she found out I was up the duff, because she knew I would need the mental stimulation.”

Behold the specimen:

The perfect gift for a lover of the trivial (that’s me), and perennial time-waster (that’s me again). The book is a ‘treasury of unusual words’, and contains such nuggets as:
Futtock: (noun) one of the curved timbers that forms a rib in a wooden ship’s frame
Mesonoxian: (adjective) pertaining to midnight.

So go ye forth and use those words in a sentence today! I might give Mr Moi a daily lesson, so he can spice up a few conversations with a few confused Ukrainians.

*Baby lover, mother hater?

**The calender for the couple that is now a family! That justified the $25 price tag for what is essentially a piece of long paper with five columns.


12 thoughts on “A gift from a well-meaning friend*

  1. WT, the single asterisk is down the bottom! Silly you. The link is now fixed. Silly me!

    Dear Chrisb. Mind the Gap knows of another couple of titles that are really good… I’ll have to ask her about them cause I keep meaning to buy them when in the UK!

  2. Dear swampy. You went to moderation and when I checked and saw that OBSCENE language, I really thought you were some mean spammer! Luckily, I remembered what I’d blogged about and realised you were being super clever and using your new words for the day! Good girl!

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