Daily walking and cold weather

It’s gotten pretty cold in Kyiv, but I’m determined to go for a daily walk. It’s all about keeping both me and Little Miss Sproglet nice and healthy. I took Miss Sproglet to the paediatrician the other day, a nice man named Mikhail, and he reinforced to me how important it is to go for a daily walk.

The snow and ice pose some challenges to walking, but since New Year’s Eve, Mr Moi has been at home and this has helped us get around town (the biggest challenge to our daily walk is actually getting the pushchair down the elevator and set up, and then the baby. Requires two seperate trips).

Today was Mr Moi’s first day back at work since New Year’s, and we woke up to a grey and snowy day. My motivation for getting out of the apartment wasn’t terribly great, but around lunch time the sun broke through so I thought we might get out for a walk.

In preparation, I checked the temperature online… and was shocked to see that it was -13 degrees, with a windchill of -19! Well, that was excuse enough for me not to get out of the house. I have lots of warm clothes for Miss Sproglet, but I think I’d have to dress her in two snowsuits to survive today’s cold snap.

To put you in the mood, here a frozen picture for you to enjoy!

Frozen River Dnipro
Frozen River Dnipro

(Just as I was about to post this, Mr Moi asked what I was doing. I told him I was blogging about how bloody cold it is. So he asked me what the temperature is right now, and it’s -20! Now that’s freezing and a bit…)


14 thoughts on “Daily walking and cold weather

  1. You are making me feel guilty for not taking my sproglet out in warmer weather. Shame on me – if you can do it in the “freezing butt cold”, I can do it in the “just cold”

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