Novy God

Tonight is New Year’s Eve. Not a surprise, I know.

I don’t think I’ve previously told you that in Ukraine, and all of the former Soviet Union, I believe, New Year’s is the biggest holiday of the year.

When the Soviets were in power, they didn’t allow people to practice their faith, but supplanted the Christmas tradition to New Year’s Eve. The tradition stuck, and the New Year is still happily celebrated today. So people have been buying their New Year’s trees, decorating them with ‘2009’ at the top instead of an angel.

Tonight houses will be visited by Ded Moroz and Snegurochka. Tomorrow people will give and receive gifts, eat lots of food and relax on their day off work.

Tonight, I’m sure, we’ll be regaled to hours upon hours of noisy fireworks. The first year we were here, the fireworks didn’t stop until 5am.

Happy new year!

PS As for Ukrainian Christmas, it hasn’t been around yet. That happens on 7 January.


7 thoughts on “Novy God

  1. So you get to have Christmas on the Aussie day to have it, a huge NYE bash (although fireworks till 5 seems rather extreme) and then have a Ukrainian Christmas! Sounds very cool, if not a little fattening.

  2. So if you play your cards right you could celebrate 4 Christmases (not like the movie)? Traditional Dec 25th, New Years, Ukrainian, and Chinese New Year?

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