Sleepless in Kyiv

*Warning – boring baby post ahead*

It ain’t as romantic as Sleepless in Seattle, I’ll tell you that much.

So I was aiming to steer clear of the boring baby posts, but I believe our current problems are related to coming to Ukraine, so I’ll allow this to qualify.

In Australia, Miss Sproglet had use of her own room in her Nana and Pa’s house, where we were staying. Here in Kyiv, we all room in together, and that’s because… We have no other room! That’s right, we live in a one bedroom apartment and we haven’t gotten our act together to move. (Apparently it’s a major headache. I’ve seen friends search for a new apartment for months, and have to pay a lot of fees in the process).

In Australia, Miss Sproglet fell asleep to the sounds of nature outside her window, and the occasional train passing by over the back fence. In Kyiv, as previously mentioned, we live in a hermatically sealed environment. If we’re lucky, we occasionally hear a car alarm or some brakes screaching outside the window.

So, to the problem. Here, Miss Sproglet will only sleep for 45 minutes at a time during the day. In Australia, she slept for at least an hour and a half at a time. While some may argue that she may be growing up, I will point out that she wakes up, only to grizzle, yawn and rub her eyes.

At an age where she should start sleeping through the night, she’s now started to wake up every two hours!

I know I know this isn’t news to any mother, but I can tell you it’s making me a Very Grumpy Little Miss Moi.

And now that I’m here, sleepless in Kyiv, without the 24-hour font of knowledge that is my mother on tap, I’m going to ask the blog world what tips they have to zonk the kids to sleep.

(I will point out that she sleeps for hours at a time in her pram. But I’m too lazy to go for a three hour walk every day, though my figure would probably thank me for it!)


12 thoughts on “Sleepless in Kyiv

  1. Miss S and my son seem to have identical sleeping habits! Waking from the nap at 45 and 2-hour nightly increments! I “broke down” and did a lot of babywearing for longer naps with him in the sling. Then I read some books that recommended going in to the kiddo right before you knew they were going to wake up and put a hand on their back, etc. to help soothe them back down (worked maybe 25% of the time). As for the night wakings. . .we still don’t sleep through the night (and rarely longer than 3 hours at a time) at 17 months, so I’m absolutely no help. But I COMPLETELY understand the tiredness! Hugs!!!

  2. Been there – doing it now.

    Wish I had the solution, but if I did, I’d be sleeping through the night myself instead of up every 3 hours rocking someone ba

  3. OOPs – BABY HIT THE keyboard

    where did I leave off?

    Oh – rocking someone back to sleep. I hate to tell you, but the only real solution is the “let them cry it out” approach, which I really hate to do.

  4. Oh! That’s where you were! Having a Littler Little Miss Moi! Thought you’d given up on blogging…..Congratulations to you and Mr. Moi! You do need to show us pictures…..Toes are nice, but…..not enough! As cute as babies are they can really do a number on your mental health, especially with the sleeping habits you describe. The good news is it will pass. Not any comfort now I know, But soon you’ll be sleeping again. I can’t function without at least eight hours, so when mine were babies and would cry in the night, I’d bring them into bed with me and hook ’em up! That’d be a WAY better option than anything involving nyquil, or vodka. You don’t want to go there! Hang in there. We’re here when you need us, now that we know you’re back!

  5. Hmm. Can you do a half hour walk in the pram and leave her there in when you get home? Maybe she won’t wake up when you stop? I know, the silly ideas of the childless….

  6. old wives tales say that fresh air helps them sleep.

    As for the night time — maybe she is having a growth spurt.

    Like others said.. you just have to tough it out —

  7. It’s the hermetically sealed environment that’s the problem. She wakes up because of lack of air I think. In Ukraine we used to put out our babies on the balcony to sleep – in any weather! (Roman survived it too – at the horror his American relatives) just bundle her up IN MANY layers (meaning blankets, pillows, etc) to the nose and then some and put her out. You will see the result.

  8. Love the humour, great to see you still got it even during the frustration. Keep it up, it’ll be enough to get you through.

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