Soon we will be able to leave stuff inside…

… when there is no space in the fridge.

It’s BLOODY COLD in the apartment at the moment.

My friend, Mind the Gap (go over there and hassle her to tell you this story first hand) was freeeeezing in her apartment the other day. So she went to her real estate agent and asked them why the city put the heating on so low this winter.

“It’s because Ukraine hasn’t paid the gas bill,” said the agent. “The government owes Russia money. It’s the old government’s* fault,” she said.

So, next time we run out of fridge space, it may coincide with the gas getting turned off in Ukraine. Could be handy if I choose to do a big shop that week.

* While I was away, the government, headed up by Yulia Tymoshenko, was sacked by the President, Viktor Yushchenko. This is the second government he’s sacked since we’ve been in Ukraine.


7 thoughts on “Soon we will be able to leave stuff inside…

  1. hmm yes you are right dirty uncle mark.

    Does anyone perchance happen to know what temperature the weevils will be got rid of at?

  2. Welcome back and congratulations. If it only were so simple about the gas.

    Actually the debt is with the middlemen who buy the gas from Gasprom, and sell it to the Government. Apart from raking off a sizeable profit for doing nothing, their only duty is to “engineer” a debt about this time of year so that Gasprom can turn off the gas.

    Since this is how Timoshenko actually made her money in the past, she knows very well what is going on, and now wants to stop it.

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