There’s nothing like a bit of extra protein

Since leaving home, I’ve always lived with a small fridge, but our fridge in Ukraine suddenly doesn’t seem to cut it anymore.

You see, on the weekend when Mr Moi was making some soup (nothing like having a baby to get the husband to do some domestic work), he pulled the bay leaves out of the cupboard and was horrified to see a little white worm on it.

“Ewww,” I said. “Maggots!”

“How could maggots get into the apartment in the middle of winter?” said Mr Moi. “Or at all, considering we live in a hermatically sealed environment with air con in the summer and heat in the winter and no open windows, ever.”

“Don’t know,” I said. “Is that a baby crying?” And I scurried off.

Then my mind harked back to breakfast this morning. I was rather skeptical about the packets of cereal in the cupboard. They had been there, open, when I left, and they were still there, open, upon my return. I’m not adverse to eating a little stale cereal, though, and it smelled okay, so I had some for breakfast.

But I did notice that some of the crumby grains seemed to stick, spiderweb-like, to the packet as I emptied it. I just thought it was static, but as it turns out…


Yeah, you probably guessed that before I typed it. I didn’t realise it until after I saw the little buggy-bugger on the bay leaf, then thought to checkout the zillion packets of open rice, pasta, flour and herbs we had in the cupboard. They were every-fricken-where.

Hopefully weevils don’t have an adverse impact on breastmilk.

So, back to the fridge space. Mr Moi was making soup, and he wanted to put barley and split peas into it. He opened a new packet of each, and considering our little bug problem, had no choice but to put the open grain packs in the fridge. Which left no space for the soup he made.

I woke up on Monday morning to the following on the balcony:

(okay, that was the moment in this blog post where I was supposed to go off and insert an image of three containers of soup on our frozen balcony. EXCEPT they didn’t copy over to the computer. God knows where they went. AND I can’t get them and the super cute baby photos back off the camera because I just formatted the fucking memory card. DAMN IT!)

Wow. What an anticlimatic finish. Au revoir.


10 thoughts on “There’s nothing like a bit of extra protein

  1. Beware the extra fridge on the balcony. Things disappear in the snow. One thawing spring day in Lithuania as the snow melted, we discovered some broken glass and then the champagne cork still in the bottleneck.

    Clearly we had put it out to cool, and drunk quite enough to forget it completely, or a blizzard had covered it in the meantime.

  2. What’s the solution to Weevils? Burn the place down and move? Maybe some snakes will eat them for you. Good luck with that, and I can visualize those pictures, and they’re awesome.

  3. Even without the pictures I can conjure up the images from your descriptions. I suddenly feel the need to check my cupboards because I have loads of open packets!

  4. I saw a mouse poo in my pantry cupboard the other day. I was so horrified I went to stay at the boyfriend’s house. Haven’t been back home for 4 weeks. Wanna swap? Weevils I can handle. Mice I’m not as cool with.

  5. I’ve never had weevils, but one time I had a breakout of moths in my kitchen. It was the oddest thing. They were tiny, but definitely moths. I found them in EVERY stage of life ~ disgusting.

  6. This is a simple consequence of leaving a boy alone at the house (or the house altogether) for several weeks. Good that the mice has not arrived before you did! ! bit of tossing should solve the problem. Btw, we are here in NJ for a big family gathering and my mother in law has this huge frigde and guess what – some stuff ( apple pies!) has to spend the night on the patio! It’s universal 😉

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