And the award goes to…

Gorilla Bananas! (I just did a typo and it came out as Gorilla Bananass, which I rather fancy).

I will hereforth be known as Little Mr Moi. The sex change was painful, but I enjoyed the downtime.





Okay, just kidding. That’s right, I’ve returned to Ukraine with the Littler Little Miss Moi. She’s cute as a button and she makes walking on the ice a totally new, and scarier, experience. Well, not her. The presence of the stroller.

But she’s already getting her devushka fashion down pat!

I'm still working on the stilettoes
Yet to wear her first high heels

In other news, I also got a new computer and got my camera fixed. The new computer has Vista, which I’ve taken a disliking to (me and the rest of the world, I guess).


13 thoughts on “And the award goes to…

  1. Dear Pamela. Ha ha yes that’s right. I simply reserved the right to be silent whilst pregnant. She’s now three months old.

  2. Congrats! On the Pee Cee, I mean. The baby’s nice too, I suppose. I fully expect you to go make one of those “I’m A PC!” videos.

    Seriously, congratulations on the little one!

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