I Saw Her Standing There

(Thanks to WT for the inspiration!)

So perhaps some of you have wandered over to my Flickr page and seen the video of Paul McCartney.

He recently gave a free concert in Maidan, the square in the middle of town (where images of Ukraine’s Orange Revolution were beamed to the world).

Paul sang loads of Beatles songs, and the crowd loved it.

I was just disappointed that, when he sang “Back in the USSR”, the audience didn’t understand the meaning of the line “Ukraine girls really knock me out”. Either they didn’t understand it, or the dyevushkas have developed a sense of modesty about just how knock-out they are (and I don’t think that has happened).

They translated a lot of what he said into Ukrainian – it was beamed out on the screens – but they didn’t translate the songs.

It didn’t matter, because The Beatles are very popular here, and most of the crowd knew the lyrics better than I did. It was a great atmosphere.

Oh and check out the jolly dancing man at the “1.05 minutes remaining” mark!


16 thoughts on “I Saw Her Standing There

  1. Ohhh WT, I’m so sorry. I’ve just been lazy, and I get confused trying to keep up with people who have two feeds.

  2. Thanks ! That song is now stuck in my head. Seems like the first song I hear everyday lingers between my ears for hours.
    If you ever want to borrow any of my vampy boots, let me know.

  3. classic! in typical karaoke style everyone i’ve ever known has sung one of their songs…..whilst drunk and groovy. cheers.

  4. how totally cool!! 🙂
    and it played better for me when i clicked over to flickr…the dancing mustached man looks like my cousin…maybe he slipped out to go to the homeland for a bit 😉

  5. Not a Paul fan.

    But I do like the Back In The USSR couplet:

    ‘Let me hear your balalaikas ringing out
    Come and keep your comrade warm’

    I like the hand-held video in the blog, too. Very docu. I must get into this technique.

  6. Hahah copydude! you’re too generous about my videoing technique! THe saving grace was that I wasn’t pissed, so I actually did manage to keep the camera level.

    Do you like the docu touch of my tone-deaf singing in the background as well?

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