Kyiv Days – vehicles from Zaparozhia

Kyiv Days take place on the last weekend of May every year. During the two days, numerous activities are organised around town – parades, demonstrations (for everything – I saw a vehicle demo, and some bicycling demos, and some soccer stuff), concerts, races, etc etc etc. I’m pretty sure the purpose of the weekend is to celebrate Kyiv in the Spring – however, this year’s Kyiv Days were marred by rain (and by the mayoral election campaigners).

I happened to be walking down the main street, Kreshchatyk, when I saw this fire engine and tank rolling down the street. I couldn’t really understand what the announcer was saying, but I’m pretty sure these guys came from Zaparozhia, which is south of Kyiv.

Pretty interesting stuff! Or maybe just a bit random.


9 thoughts on “Kyiv Days – vehicles from Zaparozhia

  1. We never really had too many festival/days type of events out in Phoenix, Arizona – it was always just too freakin hot and people weren’t used to being outside all day long – or even half of a day – but here in Atlanta… we have lots and I’m so happy for that. 🙂 Your photos are cool.

  2. I wondered about that tire — was it on wheels? ha ha.

    oh how much everything is different but so much the same. That could have been my town, too!

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