The heating’s orf

Yesterday the city turned the heating off. From about midday onwards, I heard the telltale creaking of the radiator doing god knows what, shrinking back into place, I guess.

This year, I knew the heating was going off on 15 April, courtesy of my friend, Mind the Gap‘s, cleaner Olga. Olga told us the heating would turn off on 15 April. Last year, I was visiting a friend when the heating turned off, and I had no idea it would. I was so cold I had to put my coat on like a big numbskull just to sit indoors.

So I was anticipating the 15 April greatly, as I wanted to see if it was REALLY going to turn off. Now I’m not generalising about Ukrainians as a whole, but occasionally, when you ask a Ukrainian a question they don’t know the answer to, they will pull an answer out of the air rather than check and give me the answer later. It’s strangely similar to some of the East and South East Asian cultures that can’t bear to lose face. I understand the dignity behind the concept, but it can be frustrating when you don’t know what’s going on.

So I was very excited when it DID turn off.

The good news is that it’s really warm in the apartment. It’s only 8 degrees outside, but so far the only extra protection I’ve required is a little bit of help from my 8-year-old leopard-spot fluffy slippers. It helps that I get the full brunt of the sun first thing in the morning.

Over the past couple of weeks, the inside of our place has reached 26 degrees, so I’m not sorry the heat is gone.


11 thoughts on “The heating’s orf

  1. Well, considering I just downloaded some photos from my (little) camera from may last year, I’ll tell ya to check back in a year.

  2. yey! .. umm. Thinking back of my place, I am not too exited that the moisture will make it back after the radiators ceased burning – last summer my floor warped during the off-heating period just to go back to it’s place in winter… Poor renter…

  3. I am just trying to persuade my mother we should reduce the hours we have the heating on. I think she would die if I turned it off this early even though some days I’m nearly passing out because it’s too hot when the sun shines through the windows!

  4. Dear olechko. That sucks. If it helps, I never noticed the warping :<

    Dear chrisb. Your mum would fit right in here – I think Ukrainians believe it’s better to be hot than a little cool, and lots of people are still wearing their big winter coats and scarves despite the 18 degree weather!

    Dear give it a try. Yes, you are very lucky. I can’t turn the heat down, just off, which means that the whole room will be freezing. When the heating’s on, that is…

    Dear karmyn. Yeah, I know! What’s come over me? Shocking.

    Dear pamela. Well, I do have a nice pair of gloves, so if we’re plunged back into freezing temps, I can still post… just like this: hjiumw wheiujhcs etc

  5. Why did the city turn the heating off? Is that a Ukrainian thing, environmental or am I missing the point completely? Your slippers sound mad 🙂

  6. i’m hoping that’s 18C 😉
    at least you were prepared this year…we turned ours off, but at least we CAN switch it back on if it gets chillier (which it hasn’t)….

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