bbc world, doom and gloom

It’s early in the morning (okay, it’s 7:50am, but I don’t do anything, remember). Mr Moi has been up for a while, splatted on the couch watching television. This is like a continuation of sleep for him, he remains in a catatonic state and registers nothing.

However, I walk into the room, boot up the computer and idly listen to the news on bbc world. Let me first point out that it’s one of only three news channels, and a total of 10 channels altogether, that I can watch in English, on my cable TV with 126 channels.

And listening to the news, all I can think of is ‘My, aren’t those Brits a bunch of misery guts!’ The first ‘headline’ I heard was “If the honey bees are in trouble, then so are we”. WTF? Is this the British idea of a sensationalist headline? Why are they doing an expose on the humble honey bee? Ohigeddit, global warming is the honey bees’ fault? Little pricks.

Besides that, it’s the usual doom and gloom, but all from a pommy perspective. The pound is going down (about bloody time. Brits have been enjoying The Rest of the World on peanuts for long enough, thanks very much). House prices in Britain may have gone into decline, rather than just being static. All of this interspersed with pictures of people looking ethnic in different countries around the world.

There’s no point to this post, except really to point out that news is designed for people who can’t mentally digest more than a soundbyte at a time, and watch anything about a certain topic for longer than 40 seconds. Sometimes I think my brain, in Ukraine, has become moulded by the likes of BBC world.

But I do like to listen to those nice plummy BBC English accents.


14 thoughts on “bbc world, doom and gloom

  1. Willowtree, I could lie and say I have looked at your blog every day, but you probably know everyone’s IPs off by heart or something. I’ll be back, I promise.

  2. Dear chrisb. Of course they are not impartial. They’re terrible! Mr moi and I are constantly complaining that for a state funded broadcaster, they really don’t have their act together. Most of the time, there’s no diff between CNN codwash and BBC. We grumble, and yet we don’t contribute any tax dollars to the BBC 😉 so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much.

  3. in america, enidd has discovered kqed – it’s what the bbc used to be (liberal, a bit earnest, long-winded and basically right). you can find it online, enidd thinks.

  4. Having lived in northern states where winter lasted for eight months of the year, I sympathise with your long hiatus. However, you should warn us! Thought you must have fallen into a great big pit. Glad you’re back!

  5. Most of the American stations are the same way – all fluff. We watch the local stations for local news, and end up seeing cats in trees in Milwaukee (1,500 miles away). We watch the national news for wider stuff, and get an analysis of Barak Obama’s grandmother’s quilts (in 27 seconds). Another 100 dead in Iraq? no. Starvation in Botswana? no. Flooding in Bangladesh? no.
    It’s all turned into reality entertainment.

  6. Little Missing Moi, you mean?
    I’m worried about the honey bees … but I saw one on the oregon grape blossom, so some are still surviving. (Where would you be without a little bee vomit on your toast, huh?)

  7. I almost deleted you from the favourites list. I think you do in fact pay for BBC World, BBC World, like the fantastic BBC Prime (does sarcasm work on line), is part of the commercial arm of the BBC, so it would be included in the Voila charges. Not that you can reject it. I think the Euro News is much better than BBC or CNN.

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