on being a lazy blogger

Okay jokes aside. Perhaps now that there is a little bit of green on the trees outside, I’m not feeling so depressed. I’ve decided that winter in a truly cold place really sucks. This aussie girl isn’t cut out for no green, slush, ice, and freezing cold temperatures with nary a sunlight ray to boot.

That’s my obligatory once in a blue moon blog post. Feel free to tell me how lazy a blogger I am in the comments box. May provide some motivation.


8 thoughts on “on being a lazy blogger

  1. I was just thinking about you this last weekend…as I was reading my Saturday paper. I’m glad to see you are still alive! You really do need to get off your lazy and blog …. I need some of your Little Miss Moi sense of humor.

  2. Darlin’, I know I stopped visiting for a bit when you WERE posting, but you always add something to the b-sphere convo when you’re ready. Winter as you described it would depress me, too. I NEED sunshine!!


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