I miss Saturday papers

When I was living in Sydney, I’d get up every Saturday morning, take a walk around the neighbourhood, and stop in the the local shops to buy the papers (The Sydney Morning Herald and, on rare occasions, The Daily Telegraph. The Tele – only because, on a Saturday morning when two people – i.e. myself and Mr Moi – are reading the papers, I don’t really want to share).

I used to pour over those papers at the same time I poured over breakfast, usually on the deck in the sun (lovely and warm in winter). It took me hours to read the Saturday papers, and by the end of the experience they where filled with crumbs and splashed with milk and juice. Anywhere I went on the weekend, I’d take the papers with me, to read in the car (when Mr Moi was driving), or to friends’ houses to share the reading love with them.

There are no Saturday papers in Kyiv. Well, there are, but they’re in Russian or Ukrainian. And even if I could read them, they aren’t those special breed of Saturday papers, with the book review sections, the real estate section, the travel section, the glossy weekend magazine, etc etc.

I know people here who occasionally purchase the English newspapers (which arrive over a day after publication anyway). But at the extortionate cost of about $15 per paper, I’m not about to partake. I’ll whinge about the lack of Saturday papers, but they don’t mean that much to me.

So, all of you bloggers out there, while you’re reading your Saturday papers and dripping eggs and coffee on them, think of the expats who can’t buy a paper in a language they understand, and are reduced to trying to avoid their cornflakes dripping on the keyboard as they pour through the news online.

It just doesn’t have the same feel to it.


23 thoughts on “I miss Saturday papers

  1. hmm… I’m not that much of a fan of the Sunday papers because they’re tabloid in Australia. I really love the broadsheet format (Sydney Morning Herald in NSW) because it’s like a tablecloth / paper. It’s so much fun to get messed up and lost in!

  2. I don’t think anything happens in the world over the weekend because ‘news’ in the weekend papers seem to be a rehash of what I’ve already read~ oh and masses of advertisements… and they cost three times as much!!

  3. Our paper is delivered to our door and the Saturday paper is exactly like you have described – real estate, book and movie reviews, travel and the gardening sections. I read it over breakfast this morning – it was nice.

    Uh…I will think of you next week when I am reading it – I’m sure that will help you out.

  4. oh that is so true although I go for the sunday paps – heaven is lying in bed all day with endless cups of tea and the papers. Now we have replaced papers with 24, which I thoroughly recommend.

  5. Here it is the Sunday paper that is the big deal. The Saturday paper is just like the weekly.

    But $15 for a paper? That’s why you have the internet – can get your news that way.

  6. so you are back online!! so great, even if it’s just to read the Saturday paper. Those rare Sunday mornigns with the FT weekend edition at the Brick Lane coffee shop… Yes, nothing compares to it. Talking about locals, I am not aware of any paper periodical in Ukraine that delivers the comparable pleasure of reading…

  7. i loved having time to read the papers. now i make due with the online versions too!!
    and the english (and i bet aussie) papers are so much cooler than the american ones….or maybe i haven’t found the right ones! it’s the walking to the newsagents part i think….

  8. I got really excited when my “Economist” arrived this week for the first time. That has to fill all my needs for up to date reading material at the weekend.

  9. I’m addicted to my newspaper, Saturday or weekday. $15 for one? Sounds like hell! Buth thanks for the Australian paper names, I’ll be backpacking there in July and am looking forward to them! Could I send you some? 😉

  10. When you get home in July, I will let you have the Saturday and Sunday papers first – maaaaybeee!! You could hop into bed with me and we will read them at the same time!!!

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