Nothing vs. Something

It’s better to write something than nothing, right?

You tell me:

Something (ohh, how exciting)

Nothing (bahh, how boring)

From my perspective, it was kinda the same to write something and nothing.

Now, I could jazz up these philosophical writings with a the embodiments of these words, according to Little Miss Moi at 4:59pm on a snowy/sunny/slippery Valentine’s Day afternoon.

Something: The weird bug that seems to be giving me cold after cold, runny nose after runny nose, and the occasional sore throat since my return to Ukraine post Christmas.

Nothing: What I am doing as a result of the above.

I hope I’ve enlightened you, and made your day more deep and meaningful.

PS The things you discover after visiting wordpress for the first time in a long time! We now have 3GB of free storage space on these lovely free accounts. Previously, it was 50MB (pah, nuthin’), which I deemed to be the only downside to this very good free blog service. Hurrah for WordPress!


14 thoughts on “Nothing vs. Something

  1. I have been wondering about you. Write about nothing that’s what lots of us do~ well I must only speak for myself of course and I mustn’t suggest others do as I do!!
    It must be awful to feel under par for so long you need a holiday. Hope we see you again very soon.
    Oh and at least you have some sun we have a very dull dreary Valentine’s Day.

  2. welcome back! and perhaps we all have had that bug….i post nothing a lot 😉

    and i love wordpress, but i haven’t got time the peace of mind (or is that piece of mind) to move myself over entirely (i do have a blog there, lol)….

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