Losing weight in Kyiv…

… is near impossible.

In Australia, if I want to lose weight, I can eat as much as I feel necessary, and merely substitute normal food with fake, preservative-full semblences of their former, full-fat selves. I don’t use oil, I use canola spray. I can read nutritional information on the back of any food that I buy. I can go to Weight Watchers.

In Australia, I’m not bombarded by beer on literally every corner, and often in between, the smell from deep fried food kiosks wafting over the streets, and sour cream or mayonnaise on bucketed over almost everything I order in a restaurant.

It’s taken me over a year to realise this, but my eyes have been opened. After much research, I realised what I have to do.

I have to eat and drink less. And in the long Kyiv winter, that’s easier typed than done.


10 thoughts on “Losing weight in Kyiv…

  1. Yes but food is so nice….especially very fattening food!
    As for your recent lack of blogging there have been a few of us feeling the same way….sometimes it’s just too much of an effort to make the time with so many other things to do…..

  2. Dear headless chicken. Yes, the lack of blogging seems to be a lingering summer disease. Strange. And I agree… food is the best, mmm mm!

    Dear mind the gap. Well. I have a lot of what I fancy. And I fancy all the wrong things.

    Dear Karmyn. Yes, it is the truth. What it really boils down to is simply eat less, exercise more and have a big of discipline! I need me some of that!

  3. i love chocolate, but once i gave it up for that halloween thing it was easier to NOT have it again. beer, well, that’s another story 😉
    good luck, no matter what anyone says, we all have a vice….

  4. We now own as treadmill Missy!!! Bought it on Saturday and it was delivered today. I can now walk and watch a DVD!!! I will be so slim for “the wedding”!!???

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