Feeling a bit Blah

I don’t feel much like blogging lately. I really thought the blog redesign and the public oath to blog more would re-energise my blogging habit, but alas no. I still have have half of series three and all of series four of Northern Exposure to watch. And after that, I can re-watch Sex and the City.

Things continue to plug along in Kyiv. The 12cms or so of snow that fell about two weeks ago was washed away over the weekend in a bout of repressive rain. I continue to dodge out of about 30 per cent of my Russian lessons, much to the frustration of my teacher, I’m sure. And I’ve taken to having the occasional ‘sundowner’ drink – too bad (or good?) the sun goes down at 4pm.

And I seem to have a lasting stomach bug – nothing dilapidating, possibly something I picked up in Romania (did I tell you I went to Romania? And there were open sewers?). But it just means that every few days, I get to catch up on my reading while I sit on the loo.

And that’s about all that’s going on in my life at the moment.


10 thoughts on “Feeling a bit Blah

  1. Open sewers in Romania? yeck.

    love the new header – cross b/n the French maid and naughty school girl. It’s the Coke she’s carrying. It makes all the difference.

  2. Hey missy moi – I am sure you mean debilitating – not delapidating!! However we do get the message!! Got to remember – Winter always gets you down. Perhaps your Chrissy trip will boooooost you!!!!

  3. And where will you be going on your Chrissy trip?

    I’d say you probably did catch a “bug” in Romania. Nothing a good antibiotic won’t cure. Hope you’re feeling better soon (stomach and spirits).

  4. I know how you feel, you’ll get over it eventually. I love Northern Exposure (and Picket Fences too).

    It’s just as well I didn’t correct your mistake, I thought it was depilationing.

    Hey, I don’t know what the hell happened to your calender, I sent it well over a month ago.

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