Because it’s always good to have a name for things

When it snows, the council workers on the street (invariably women) will chuck a bit of salt down on the pavement, which one never sees. Never ever (I didn’t even know they put salt down on the pavement, that’s how much one doesn’t see it).

When the snow turns to slush, your boots get wet and get white marks all over them, which one is convinced must be sweat marks, even though your feet were closer to freezing than sweating.

Yesterday, I found out that, indeed, salt is laid on the pavement, and there is an official name for the white marks on one’s boots…

They’re called ‘Tide Marks’. Very dinky.


12 thoughts on “Because it’s always good to have a name for things

  1. Having lived for years in northern climes, like Montana, Minnesota and North Dakota, I know all about those tidal marks! You must be from a warmer part of Australia…..

  2. We could have used a bit of salt in Mittenwald just recently. I really am not fussed about driving in the snow – I suppose practice makes perfect so I had better go again!!!

  3. LOL Does this mean you also have small heaps of salt in your house next to the place where your boots stood? 🙂

    NB Just had to think of you when I visited this site: today. The post of today namely consists of a download of an Augie March concert which they gave together with a symphony orchestra.

  4. Dear mind the gap. Nah, I think you’re just weird.

    Dear give it a try. WOn’t your life just be more enriched with my valuable information?

    Dear Karmyn. Must be, but I’ve never seen white marks on the beach. We must remember, however, it was the Brits who made this up. Their beaches are weird.

    Dear willow tree. Yes. That’s why I wear brown undies.

    Dear Pamela. Ha, yes, Willowtree speaks on behalf of all the toilet humour minds!

    Dear chrisb. Well, I polished my boots and then went and walked in the slush again. So I got them back.

    Dear molly. Well, let’s just say that no capital city in Australia regularly experiences snow. We really only have snow occasionally in country areas (perhaps once every year or two) and regular snow in the mountains, where very few people live.

    Dear mikkie. Thanks for the link!

    Dear elena jane. I need to get out of my wintery mood, so you inspired me to put up a sunny piccy!

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