Winter 1, Global Warming 0

Last night, it snowed for the first time this winter (well, autumn).

The Kyiv winter of 2005-2006 was one of the coldest winters in 100 years. The average high temperature was well below minus 10, and there were a few days that the temps dipped to minus 30 and beyond (celcius).

Winter 20, Global Warming 0.

When Mr Moi and I first arrived in Kyiv, the snow came the week after we arrived (which was a year ago, this weekend gone). Then the snow melted, and it was grey and snowless until February. It was the warmest winter like, ever.

Global Warming 100, Winter 0.

So last night’s snowfall (defying the predictions of all the weather outlets) got winter off the mark. We’ll see how this year pans out. I even bought a big puffy coat filled with down to get me through this winter. Hopefuly I’ll get to use it.


14 thoughts on “Winter 1, Global Warming 0

  1. Dear carpetblogger. Well, considering it’s 1pm and I have to go to a friend’s birthday lunch, I just showered and got out of my pyjamas.*

    I’ve been modelling the coat, trying to decide if zero degrees is cold enough to wear it outside…

    I’ve decided against it (I don’t want to acclimatise myself to it at zero, then freeze through the down at minus 20 in a month’s time).

    *There was a good reason for the pjs at 1pm – I was doing my redesign! My blog thanks you for calling it pretty.

  2. I like the new design, I’ve seen so many new designs recently. I’m still waiting patiently for Sam to design one for me. I’ll probably still be waiting this time next year!

    Not sure I would want snow this early!

  3. enidd loves the new design too. she has another puffy coat she can send over if you want. she thinks she won’t be needing it. (tee hee.)

    and the man has FAILED again to get a dog sitter, so enidd won’t be coming to see you in november. please email him and give him some grief.

  4. Dear mind the gap. Kyiv… attractive..? Well, in celebration of yesterday’s snow, I made the header snowy!

    Dear chrisb. This one was nice and easy – just through wordpress with a ‘custom header’ so I can put my own photos there! Maybe you could think about making the switch 🙂

    Dear enidd. Boo hoo. the man is hopeless, I’ll be more than happy to email him and tell him that. But, that being said, I’m not sure how much fun his planned BBQ will be at the island, considering it snowed. Oh and PS, thanks for the offer of the jacket but it’d be too small for moi 😦

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