… Is the name of the town with the Burger King, Subway and movies in English. Lucky Hungarians!

While, usually, I deplore the globalisation of food (I’ll never complain about a non-dubbed movie), there is something innately comforting about the familiarity of these brands, after a very short flight of only one hour and a half. Previously Mr Moi and I have seen the need to fly alll the way to the UK for a good dose of ‘home’, which takes three and a half hours, involves a crappy airport (Heaf’row) and costs around $US600 each return.

Imagine our joy on traipsing through customs in Budapest nice and quick, then getting a taxi (with a meter!), driving into town past signs for Tesco supermarkets, and finally hitting the inner city, with its beautiful ye olde Europe architecture with the occasional Burger King and Subway oases thrown in.

Budapest is a great town! Photos soon, and an update on what LMM did next…


11 thoughts on “Budapest…

  1. I’m not sure I’d crave Burger King OR Subway! However ’tis good you got yours fulfilled. I’d most likely be with you on the decent supermarket craving, which makes me realise how old and sensible I am getting.

  2. You forgot to mention all the excellent cheap european quality restaurants, the Viennese quality cake shops, the Hungarian goulash, the wine, the food markets ….

    If you dont mind paying less than 600 USD you could also get to Vilnius where everything is as good as Budapest,(except the wine) perhaps cheaper and the beer is better. No need for Burger King and Subway at all. Old Town is great.

  3. Dear the other bear. Hmm well, sometimes one just craves. To be honest, it was more a sign of being ‘back in the western world’ to me, rather than wanting to make a pilgrimage to these places (although I do go to them).

    Dear varske. Yes, well, I did partake of some of the great restaurants – Tom-George was GREAT asian fusion, and also Cafe Pierot for a bit of Castle district fine dining. The local pinot noirs were lovely, and I enjoyed the rose (though Mr Moi didn’t). We haven’t been to Vilnius yet, but would like to go at some point, as we have Lithuanian friends.

  4. I just found your site and love it. I will be bookmarking you and coming back! But I just moved away from home to Norway and sometimes those familiar sites are so sweet!

  5. Ooh! The Brit and I were just there in September…we loved it! Be sure to buy an embroidered doily while you’re there! (Or not!)

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